Britt Monthly Summary: August 2017

Here’s Britt’s summary from August:

Britt was sooooo pumped to start kindergarten and especially pumped to go to the same school as Kye!

Of course on the 2nd day she got stinking pink eye. Bless. She was able to only be out one day though as the meds cleared it up pretty quick!

We’ve been really having fun playing with Britt’s hair for school and she loves trying different styles. I’m glad I did some you tubing and realized I can keep it SIMPLE and still be cute and fun!

My first french braid!

This is her FAVORITE…we call it “Jasmine Hair”

And Daddy’s least favorite ha!

Britt is doing beautifully at school so far! Within the first two weeks she already mastered her first 9 week sight word list 🙂

I love all her fun homework she comes home with. 

Sweet girl always includes Tab!

She also consistently comes home with treasure box items and little punch cards. She’s yet to have any discipline issues and loves school!

Tess and I surprised the older kids at lunch 🙂

While school is going GREAT we have had one issue. And it was bus related 🙁 We had something happen on the bus a couple years ago with Kye (remember?). This year Britt came off the bus for a few days in a row very giggly and excited. A boy who is also in kindergarten told her she’s going to be his wife. He kissed her on the cheek at lunch. And again on the hand on the bus. I talked to her about this and we’re not super hardcore against little “crushes” in school. Zach and I both were always very focused on finding a spouse and it’s why we found each other at such a young age and knew what qualities we wanted in a spouse! But we talked to her about kissing being inappropriate and how they can be friends right now etc. All the basic parent stuff. 


She got off the bus in  hurry one afternoon and Kye came running up too. This same little boy sat with her in her seat and proceeded to attempt to lift the bottom of her dress. I’m not accusing him of trying to touch her inappropriately I just know that SHE felt uncomfortable. SHE said to STOP. SHE said NO. Yet he just laughed and laughed and proceeded in his attempts. Kye was sitting in front of them and I guess was unaware of what was taking place. But the boy sitting behind them saw it all (ironically it’s the same boy we had issue with a couple years ago, he’s come a long way in my book now ha!) and told the bus driver what was taking place.

I was VERY impressed at how it was handled with the bus driver. She had the boy move and he remained having to sit near her for awhile as well on future bus rides. I notified Britt’s teacher who knew who the boy was and she also notified his teacher and a discussion was had with him regarding appropriate touching, respecting others bodies etc. I didn’t want to overreact but I knew Britt had said he had kissed her cheek at lunch so I was concerned that something could take place at school if the teachers weren’t made aware. 

We used this as an opportunity to talk to both Kye and Britt. Britt did a good job saying NO and it’s important to trust your instincts and to relay how you are feeling to others. I’m proud of her for standing up for herself. We talked to Kye about protecting his sister and to let that boy know if he touched Britt again that he’d be punched in the face by her brother (Kye was not super comfortable with this conversation). 

I do not know if the boy’s parents were made aware or not. I did wait to talk to the boy at the bus stop myself but chickened out b/c his parents came up and I didn’t want to make things awkward ha! It’s been several weeks now and the boy has said to Britt that he won’t kiss her or do that to her again. We have not allowed her to sit with the boy but we also told her forgiveness is important and it’s totally okay to be his friend and that hopefully this was a lesson for him too! 

Whew. Sometimes parenting is NOT FUN!

I’m just hopeful that we can keep friends (and future boyfriends/girlfriends) at CHURCH. It’s such a blessing to know the parents, know that their kids are being raised with similar values etc. Britt has such sweet friends at church and got to go to The Mill this month with Nola. They racked up on tickets and had a great time!

Sometimes it’s like pulling teeth to get the kids to do their chores and then other times Britt will be a go-getter and get all of hers done at the beginning of the week!

Her card for Big Daddy

Made the mistake of letting her look through a Pottery Barn Kids magazine and now she wants one of their chairs from Santa. Oops. 

No matter how grown she gets, she’s still the world’s messiest eater haha!

Speech went really well over the summer and it was decided for Britt to do the fall semester and then she should be good to go and not need any additional services. She was sad to not have her same speech teacher as summer but already loves Ms Chelsi…plus who doesn’t love bubbles and m&ms? 😉 

This might be my favorite video of Britt ever haha she is CONSTANTLY doing cartwheels and handstands (attempts at them anyway) around the house and wanting me to watch. Of course the time I record her she goes straight into the wall haha I’ve watched this too many times!

I am really focusing on giving Britt quality time and it’s really helping a lot with her overall attitude. She needs quality time and attention and love and physical touch. Basically she’s EVERY love language which can be tricky to navigate. But even just a few minutes of ME initiating her to come sit in my lap and snuggle and talk can make the world of difference in her day! I love that it’s helping her so much and helping us to form an even closer bond. So thankful for this beautiful, smart, sweet girl I get to call mine!

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