Britt Monthly Summary: April 2016

This is a summary from Britt’s month in April!

I was SO BUMMED when our Cali trip fell during the same time as Britt’s Muffins with Mom day at school. I know it’s just ONE event but it truly crushed me to miss it. She was VERY excited to get to pick someone to come with her and immediately chose Aunt Casey πŸ˜‰ I know Casey felt honored to be asked and Britt loved having her there for the day! I was thankful Casey sent me pics, although I legit shed some tears when I got them! 

Priority #1 when we got back from Cali was to do a makeup morning with my big girl! We decided to make it Donuts with Mom and Zach took Kye to school one morning and took Tess with him so I could have that solo time with Britt. We got dressed up and brought along all the goodies she had at the Muffins with Mom event! 

Princess crown was a must, of course

SO much cute stuff!

That you are my sunshine picture is my favorite πŸ™‚ 

I always LOVE to see my kids answers to these type of questions!

so funny that my job is to cook but the best thing I make is hot dogs (ironically I made hot dogs soon after this and Britt cried and said she doesn’t like them haha). 

I also cracked up about “I am going to put Tess in the pack and play” no doubt we value some independent playtime around here πŸ˜‰

While it wasn’t the same as being at the school event, we had a SUPER special morning together! So thankful for my girl!

I was bummed to miss the Muffins with Mom but y’all I was even MORE bummed when I found out at the chapel that day they FINALLY sang “Tootie Ta.” It’s this song that Britt LOVED from when Kye was in school there and literally PRAYED that they’d sing it at Chapel. She actually begged me to talk to the director of the preschool and ask her myself if they could sing it. OF COURSE they sang it on Mom’s Day and I missed it! But Tess and I were able to be there when Britt’s class got up to sing some songs! 

Here’s a video of Britt’s class singing!

Whenever Britt and I are around coffee she ALWAYS comments on how good it smells. I am not a huge coffee person but I noticed on our girl’s trip when we went into a Starbucks to use the bathroom that she was really drawn to that smell and I have had a hunch that she’ll be a coffee lover. When we got back from California I wanted to go on a special date with each kid (Britt’s Donuts with Mom date didn’t count b/c it was a make up for the event I missed) and really wanted to take Britt to try coffee for the first time! 

She was SO PUMPED especially because Kye’s never even had coffee before! We went to Starbucks (b/c that’s where people who drink coffee go, right? haha) and I got her a DECAF (girl does not need annnnny caffeine) and they did it lukewarm for us and made it very sweet (it was some special one with white chocolate or something). Basically by the end I doubt it tasted much like coffee at all but she was excited πŸ˜‰ 

First sip!

She’s a fan πŸ˜‰

I got a s’mores thing they had and OMG it was awesome! 

“Mom can we take a selfie in front of the coffee sign?” So cute!

Britt requested her special date be coffee and the playground. We have a nice public playground that we don’t go to very often b/c we have such a nice one in our own backyard as well as a 3 min walk down the road in our neighborhood! But it was her date so we hit up the public playground for a bit and took a nice walk around together holding hands and talking. Super fun date together!!!

While in California we tried to split up the big kids some to help make things easier for Mrs. Charlotte. Tess with one big kid is pretty easy. It’s the two big kids together that can make them rough! Britt wanted to stay with Aunt Casey and had a BLAST with Carter during their time together!

When we picked the kids up after our trip…BRITT CRIED. She didn’t want to go home. I mean we were gone for 10 days and she didn’t care. She did NOT want to leave her G-Mama’s house. She may have cried, but that smile says she was glad to be home with her parents after all πŸ˜‰

Britt has become more and more competitive with our nightly board games. She likes to win and she DOMINATES at Disney Headbandz. Like guesses her character on the first try. She’s so good at it we have tried to figure out if she’s cheating haha!

This month was a BIG EVENT in our house. We let the big kids try chocolate milk for the first time ever!!! Kye is 7 and it was even his first time! Sometimes being the younger sibling has advantages as Britt got to have some too. Needless to say she was shocked and thrilled haha!

Future husband here’s a tip for you: CHOCOLATE is the way to this girl’s heart πŸ™‚

Britt is my extroverted child. She struggles a good bit with solo play as she wants to be WITH someone ALL THE TIME. I really have noticed lately that she’s starting to enjoy doing things on her own more and more (perfect timing for summer)! She will make a decision to want to do something and stick to it even if Kye doesn’t want to participate! 

I mean she’s stunning even just playing play-dough right??!?!

She invented a matching game with Tess’s shoes πŸ˜‰

More About Britt:

  • Britt loves to sing, especially at church. She knows many of the songs and will sing along “loud and proud” which I love!
  • I’ve been working SUPER HARD at parenting through God’s Word, especially with Britt. When there are learning moments with her or moments of discipline I sit with her and OPEN the Bible and find the scripture that relates to what we’re discussing. I started this process in January and 4 months in I can really really see a difference in Britt. I know she needs more parenting geared towards her heart and this method is really making a difference in such a huge way! 
  • Britt talks CONSTANTLY. She repeats herself a TON. She will ask me a question and then ask it again and again and again. I have to remind her that my “no means no and my yes means yes” 

She may be growing up in a lot of ways, but that pout ain’t going nowhere!

Neither is her love for accessorizing πŸ˜‰

Although she is starting to ask more and more for some “makeup” around the house! I love having a daughter, she’s so precious to me!

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