Britt Monthly Recap: January 2017

Here’s Britt’s summary from January!

The BIG news for Britt this month was shifting to a NEW ROOM (which is not close to be completed yet but a big room reveal will be coming once it’s done!). She has been looking forward to this move and enjoyed ONE last night in her Mermaid room! She’s been in this bedroom since she was born (first her nursery, then her big girl room) and her new room will be her room until she moves out someday! It’s a big change being upstairs and it made my heart ache a little to watch her go up those stairs, knowing she’s no longer just down the hall from me every night! My little girl, growing up!

Daddy has been working hard on her room and is turning her new bed into a CASTLE!

We also have traded out some of her storage cubes so they will match the new colors of her room!

So excited to be in her PRINCESS ROOM!!! 

Britt’s big achievement this month was that she started READING! We are so proud of Britt for how hard she works in school and how much she has truly loved to learn. She’s in the top reading group in her class which is so awesome and she’s FLYING through her reading books. She LOVES to read and is so eager to learn more!

She also loves to write and enjoys writing out words all the time. I’m constantly being asked how to spell things 😉 I remember Kye being in this same stage and I’ve begun to write out the words she wants to write so she can just copy them rather than having me spell them every time haha!

She still loves to color too and is constantly handing me “notes” she’s made for me. I love it!

Britt takes her work seriously and when she’s asked to practice something at home she does it happily! She practiced her 20s for well over 30 min!

I really, really realized this month just how passionate Britt is about gymnastics. Seeing her face light up at the Circus did it for me! She NEVER forgets that Wednesdays mean gymnastics day. She will bring a leotard down to breakfast with her even though we don’t go until the evening! She LOVES it. I love her passion for it and was thankful I had the chance to go watch her for a bit myself! She’s the youngest in her class but is keeping up with them and pays attention (and stands still while listening!) and really pushes herself to do her very best. We are proud!

Bless. All of us ladies know whatever hair you’re born with you always envy the hair you don’t have. I guess it starts young because Britt has SUCH straight hair. Like it looks like I used a straightener with it. It’s so straight it struggles to stay in a pony or do any sort of bun at all. And it especially struggles with curlers! But that doesn’t stop Britt from trying 😉

Britt is getting better and better at doing her chores with less complaining. Our #1 thing we have been  working on with Britt has been her complaining attitude. She’s come SO FAR overall with it. Especially with eating! We remind her to stop complaining when she gets whiney and negative and she prays about it a lot. I will hear her saying a little prayer to herself while eating “help me not complain” and it’s really doing wonders for her. She tends to have a “glass half empty” view of the world and it’s something that is a HEART issue (the trickiest to parent!) so we’re working hard on that with her. She’s so blessed that we want her to always see the GOOD rather than focus on that negative!

She loves her Samantha but these shoes oh goodness! I can tell Britt will be a shoe girl bc these are her favorites due to their HEALS!

Girl loves some football with Daddy!

The kids all said their New Year’s Resolutions and my sweet girl said hers is to “help Mommy” 

She’s my precious girl and I LOVE how close we are…our bond is so special to me!

Hat Day at school and I love that she went with a fashionable choice 😉

Videos from this Month: 


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