Britt is 22 Months Old!

Britt turned 22 months old on October 6th!

22 month old toddler girl

This month I am using pictures from a fun morning we had together.

The weather outside was AMAZING. One of those few “perfect weather” days we get down here and we ran a couple errands and were done early enough to play on the playground at Kye’s school before picking him up.

It was a fun together time morning and I love how happy she is in all of these pictures!

I used What to Expect the Toddler Years to compare Britt’s development with other kids her age!

Britt can do everything a 22 month old should be able to do including:

  • use six words
  • walk up steps

She can also do everything a child her age will probably be able to do including:

  • build a tower of four cubes
  • follow a two step command without gestures

Britt does everything a 22 month old may possibly be able to do including:

  • build a tower of six cubes
  • identify four pictures by pointing
  • wash and dry hands

She also can do the item a child her age may even be able to do: 

  • jump up

I’m thankful to see the section about taking turns this month.

I wasn’t sure at what age it was appropriate to expect Britt to take turns.

Being the second child she’s been forced to take turns her whole life but it’s tough for her to understand the concept and pretty much the entire time Kye is having “his turn” with something she bawls her head off.

I use the timer technique they recommend but I also need to practice more taking turns by ME taking turns with her as well instead of it just being with Kye when they both want the same toy!

This chapter discussed exploring the genitals and it was a good section for me to read as Britt is MUCH more interested in her privates than Kye ever was.

Which shocks me being that she’s a girl…I thought boys were the ones who played with privates all the time? 🙂

I follow what the book suggests already though: I don’t make a big deal about it and I remind her that we don’t mess with our privates in public places etc. 

It also discusses tips to help train a child to be around breakables.

I don’t do much baby proofing in our home anyway as I would rather train my children not to touch things than to baby proof.

Britt does test those boundaries at this stage quite often.

The rocks in our indoor plant are so tempting for those little hands!

I remember Neela being this same age and having the same struggle whenever they would come over!

It’s SO interesting to me how DEAD ON this chapter was in relation to things Britt is dealing with at this age.

She likes to listen to the same songs again and again, enjoys reading the same books over and over, gets very upset when a cracker or other food item “breaks,” etc.

All of these things are mentioned in this chapter.

I knew they were all “normal” toddler behavior but it’s still neat to see them listen when they are things she is going through!

You can read about Britt’s 21st month HERE and Kye’s 22nd month HERE. 

I think it’s so cute how they both love to find the moon in the sky at this age…Britt LOVES to look for the moon 🙂

Here are several more cute pictures of my big girl!!!

Pointing to a bird

and VERY excited about it!!!

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