Bridal Luncheon

Wayyyyyy back on Sept 24th we headed up to Big Canoe, GA for the week. With all the wedding activities back to back weekends it just made sense for us to stay a whole week up near Atlanta so we could be together as a family. Luckily, Zach has a BIG Aflac group to work in that area too…it really all worked out perfectly ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll get back to Big Canoe in future posts but wanna get started on all this wedding stuff (as I know it’s what you really wanna know about!).

Saturday morning (yes, the 25th of SEPT. I know my life has been NON-STOP right now!) I got up early and headed down the mountain for the Bridal Luncheon. I actually got there early and had time to stop at a garage sale (I scored some good Halloween costumes to use for dress up clothes and one of those horse heads on a stick toy things).  I pulled into Danielle‘s driveway about 20 min before we were supposed to be at the luncheon but I wasn’t worried – I knew I would be pulling up before she did. I’m always amazed at how quickly she can get ready to go somewhere!

She can get gorgeous in a second – so jealous!

Danielle hooked us UP for the Bridal Luncheon!!! She hosted it at Chateau Elan – sooo fancy and I loved it ๐Ÿ˜‰ The last time I was there was for our Senior Breakfast which brought back fun nostalgic memories. And it brought back even more since I was there with my high school friends!

Just FYI, I stole a LOT of the pictures I will be using in the upcoming wedding posts. Dana, a fellow bridesmaid, is a very talented photographer with an AWESOME camera so she got great shots – why even bother with my lack of skills? After you see all the pics I know you guys will wanna book her for a shoot so here’s her website:

So good to get reunited with Taylor (my maid of honor)

The food was fancy just like the atmosphere. While fancy food isn’t always my fav…I can grub out hardcore on some fancy desserts ๐Ÿ˜‰ I felt a little guilty getting one of everything…

Not only did Danielle take us to a beautiful restaurant, she also got each of us the sweetest, most thoughtful gifts. She really knows how to make you feel special – such a great quality to have in a friend!

I love how pumped Katie is about her bag

Dana is showing off the little pins with our initials on them and the box that held our wedding day jewelry

Along with the adorable embroidered bags, pins, and jewelry she also got each of us a box of candy, another little embroidered tote, a photo album, a towel wrap to wear when we got ready the morning of the wedding, and very thoughtful cards. How awesome is that?!?

Danielle went above and beyond for us all including her family. She had a photo-book made for each of sisters and a scrapbook for her mom and she got herself and her mom a spa day at Chateau Elan. Um why wasn’t I invited ladies?

Mother of the Bride and the Bride-to-be!

It’s obvious where Danielle gets her giving heart as her family is so sweet and loving. They put together a cookbook for her that we all got to take part in. I picked out crock pot recipes to include in it from me since I got her a crock pot at the family shower ๐Ÿ˜‰ It was super cute that her dad’s recipe was how to make cereal! A very unique and special wedding gift!

She loved it

Beth and Katie checking out the photo books Danielle (with help from Rachael!) made for her sisters

After we had fun with our eating and gift opening it was time for some hardcore picture taking. The lighting in there is just too good to pass up!

Danielle with her sweet mom, sisters, and nieces (I love how Gracie is watching Danielle – so sweet)

All the girls in the wedding!

top left to right: Katie, Beth, Laura, Taylor
bottom left to right: Dana, Me, Danielle, Chelsi and Chelsea!

I only included my own individual shot, I mean this is my blog and all ๐Ÿ˜‰

These are our “sexy” faces

Central Grads ๐Ÿ˜‰

It was a SUPER fun morning and a great way to kick-start the wedding event! I know you’re all dying for more wedding stuff (although I’m sure you’ve already seen enough on FB and other people’s blogs)…I’m dying to get caught up on everything so I’ll do my best!

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