Brandon’s Bachelor Day

My little brother will be a GROOM in less than a month! Gah so crazy and STILL hard for me to believe!!!

He’s having a BIG bachelor party down in Ocala, Florida at my cousins lot. They plan to do guy stuff (drink, shoot guns, and drink!) and just have a fun time together. Since Zach is a groomsmen he was invited but obviously that’s not really his scene! He talked to Brandon about and it and planned an ENTIRE day for them together just the two of them instead. It made me feel so good that my husband wanted to do that for my brother. I think it’s so sweet that they really do consider each other BROTHERS 🙂

Zach planned out everything…he found out Brandon’s favorite breakfast place, made a t-time for some golf at the nicest course in town, and made reservations at the top steak house. I was pretty jealous as he spent more money on my brother’s “date” than he does on mine haha. He had this little card made up with all their plans for the day:

I gave him my camera to take some pictures and when he got home he had taken three. They made me laugh out loud:

1. them together

2. the steak at dinner


3. Brandon with his steak

Such a guy thing! ALL about the steak 😉

When Zach got home Saturday night he went on and on about how much fun they had. I’m so glad they have the excuse of a bachelor day to FINALLY have some guy time! Poor Brandon works like a DOG at both school and work (and makes AWESOME grades at UF…Dean’s List and everything! I’m a proud sister for sure) and is planning this wedding too. It’s a lot on him! And we all know it only gets harder once you say “I do!” 

And Zach is working the hardest he’s ever worked with Aflac. Busting his butt everyday then helping me with Kye right when he’s done with work and on the weekends. He hardly EVER does anything for himself and he needs some time to do that too. I’m SO glad they had a great time together! They both deserved it for sure and lived it up 🙂

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  1. Lindsay and Willis
    February 11, 2010 / 4:44 pm

    How fun! I would love to have some of that steak! Looks most delish!Thanks for calling me awesome! I think your commitment to your blog is awesome! Its going to be great to look back on! Esp. that blog book…

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