Boon Snug and More Review!

I love, love, LOVE our Boon highchair. So much so that I have an entire blog post devoted to it! I tell ALL my mommy friends that it’s a higher priced item that is actually worth it. When Boon contacted me recently about reviewing some of their new products I jumped at the opportunity! 

Boon sent me the Boon Snug Spout, Snug Straw, Span and Forb Mini to review. Boon Snug products are available at both Target as well as!

New stuff is always fun, especially with kids. Tess is our water baby. Child LOVES drinking water and ALWAYS wants to carry water around with her. We have several different types of cups for her to carry as the sippy cups we use for her milk at meals spill and leak easily. We have tried many different types of water cups for her and it’s always a pain digging around to find the matching lid to cup. Boon Snug changes the game of sippy cups…as it’s a lid that fits any regular cup. 

I was intrigued by the design of the lid and liked the idea of it fitting over any cup…but then I realized that all the cups I have are glass. So I won’t be allowing my baby to carry them around anyway, even if they have a sippy lid that fits. Luckily the Snug package contains three lids as well as a cup! 

The first time using the lid was a little tricky as it’s a tight fit and I’m used to the typical snap on or screw on design of a lid. This one is made of silicone and simply stretches over the top of the cup. Tess LOVED it right away, especially because the soft material allowed her to chew on it (bonus for me as well as the silicone means she won’t leave any teeth marks or chew up a straw!). 

Tess loves her cup and carries it around with her all the time! However, since she started carrying it around she has figured out how to pull off the lid. Maybe she’s just a really smart 18 month old (wink wink) or maybe there is an advantage to having a screw on type top. I recently found Tess sitting in the hallway pouring her water all over my carpet so I’ve officially packed the Snug lids up as I don’t plan on having to clean up that mess again! 

Part of my package also included the Snug Straw for Britt to try out. I found this very difficult to use. When the cup is full of milk and you don’t want any to spill it’s tricky to put a tight fighting silicone top on! Britt was excited and felt special to have a new cup…

But within minutes this happened. I tried everything I could to prevent it from having milk pour out of the top but nothing I tried worked. I was also frustrated by the lack of clear instructions on the packaging. I’m all about a simple design, but this was too simple in the instructions. I needed more guidance in what to do to prevent leaks. Britt said it best herself “not a good design!” I was very disappointed by the Snug Straw design from the start and we never used it again after this one test run. 

In the end, I simply can’t recommend Snug or Snug Straw. Which I feel guilty giving a bad review! I appreciate the opportunity to test out the products and when I get something for free I feel like I should say nice things about it. In this case though, I just can’t. 

I have three small children and my life is too busy to take the time to have to pull on these lids. They weren’t easy to put on and yet my toddler could pull them off pretty easily. The straw design was the worst as it was a mess to put the lid on and then it leaked as soon as my daughter pushed on the top. Since Kye was a baby I’ve used cheap plastic disposable sippy cups and I have to say, I’ve yet to find anything better than their design. They are easy, quick, and when they get yucky I just throw them away because I can easily replace them with little cost. I can’t see myself ever spending almost $12 on the Snug or Snug Straw. 

I also didn’t see the value in the Span. It’s meant to use to keep things in the dishwasher from turning over. But I never have that problem? I fill a dishwasher pretty full and still don’t see myself ever taking the time to use this product. 

I have enjoyed using the Forb Mini. Again though I would have liked more clear instructions as I’m not a “common sense” person and it took me awhile to figure out how to get the soap to dispense! Ha! The brush works well though! I also wouldn’t ever purchase this product as once the soap runs out I doubt I will ever take the time to refill it. I can just as easily squirt some soap in the dish I’m cleaning and scrub it out with a sponge and be done 🙂 

I am still a BIG fan of the Boon high chair and I think Boon is a fabulous company. This review was supposed to include a wine glass for Mommy. I contacted them and told them that I don’t drink and that I also am not going to promote the whole “day drinking” thing that is so popular right now among stay at home moms. They were SO nice and understanding about it and offered to send the Forb Mini and Span instead which I really appreciate!!! I wish I could give a more glowing review of these products as I do appreciate the opportunity Boon has given me. Hopefully they will make some changes to the Snug and Snug Straw as I think both are a great concept, just lacking in practicability! 

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