Bonus Birthdays

Doesn’t everyone just love birthday celebrations? It’s one of the few times a year when you KNOW you’ll be getting some attention (around here attention is rare with Zach being the center so often haha). I like to milk a birthday for all it’s worth and spread it out! This year we had many mini celebrations!!!

The Saturday before the cruise Mom took me shopping. We had planned on us picking out somethings together for my birthday presents but I just felt too awkward being like “buy this for me” so we instead just shopped, looked, and tried things on then I’d wait outside each store and Mom would pick a few things she liked best to buy me and then she wrapped them on my birthday 🙂 It was SUCH a fun day and great girl time together. We BOTH starting crying in Old Navy (the girl at the fitting rooms thought we were nuts) just out of happiness that we get to be together for so many fun little things like that. I mean when was the last time Mom and I went shopping together? A LONG time ago for sure! Hopefully (once we get some money haha) it’ll be a more regular outing 🙂

We waited to celebrate my birthday with Mom until after the cruise and actually ended up celebrating on Halloween night. (Another perk of trick-or-treating fun happening on the 30th!).

silly Mom

I love how he’s watching me, so sweet

yay! clothes!

my helper

I have a silly mom and crazy husband

she got me the cutest pants from New York & Co (which us Valdostians still call Learner) and several matching tops along with a dress I wore on the cruise and an adorable tunic

It was my choice of where to go to dinner and I wanted to do something that would be fun with Kye so we went to Steak and Shake…kids eat free on weekends and they always have great coupons. Plus I just love the hat 🙂

Zach and “Deuce”

my sweet boy

instead of a cake Mom decorated my milkshake 🙂

26! 4 more years till 30 🙁

(but my Stella & Dot Garden Party Earrings keep me lookin’ stylish right?)

We bought Kye a junior milkshake but he had zero interest in it…he just wanted Daddy’s

I love how happy Mom looks here, so glad to get to spend time with her grandson!

Zach gave up and drank Kye’s shake and let Kye drink his haha

so good at sharing

The week of my birthday was also the week of Seth’s birthday (mine is Nov 1st and his is Nov 2nd) so this year we decided to get together for a little celebration! We went to their house that Thursday after Kye went to bed and made ice cream sundaes. They even had a TON of toppings, just the way I like it!

Almost Birthday Twins!

That morning Zach was hit with a severe pain in his back. It had been hurting him since Mom’s move but it just randomly started to hurt very badly. Badly enough to wear he left work and went straight to a doctor. This was on Nov 4th and we’ve been battling his back pain since 🙁 He even ended up having to have an MRI done! Thankfully, he does NOT need surgery but just needs lot of rest to let it heal and has to be more careful in the future to not hurt himself again (this means when moving day comes…we need MEGA HELP!!! Any volunteers????). Anyways…even though he was in pain we still went over to Seth and Crissy’s house but Zach just had to lay on the floor the whole time.

It was SUCH an awesomely fun night. I can’t remember EVER laughing so hard. I really adore Seth and Crissy and love how easy going our friendship is and how we can just let lose and be ourselves. I love that we have kids and all but having adult-only time with them was SO great!!! Can we do it again soon please?

Originally we planned to all go out to eat with Katie for a birthday celebration too. I’ve been craving some pizza so I wanted to go to Sister’s but then Zach has had to be out of town so much and I’ve been so stressed and everything that it just didn’t work out (we actually had planned to go on Nov 2nd..when I had that breakdown…so I canceled). This year we didn’t do a group birthday celebration and instead just Katie and I had a girl’s night! It was great…we got pizza, talked, then went to her house and watched Grey’s!

She hooked me up with a pedi! Gotta make plans to do it soon!

(btw I’m wearing the Rachel Necklace from Stella & Dot)

All in all it was a GREAT birthday filled with many of my favorite people…any excuse to get together is so wonderful. It makes getting older a little easier to handle 🙂

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