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I started my blog, The Watkins Wire (, exactly three years ago. I initially started it as a bit of a journal about my little family so that friends and relatives could keep up with our then two-year-old and my husband’s progress in law school. My son is now five and my husband has been working at a law firm since September. We have grown and changed a lot over these three years and I am happy that I have recorded almost all of it. 

I don’t really have a particular theme to my blog, other than talking about the goings on of our family and a few of my own opinions. It’s hard not to write about my son majority of the time…he’s just so darn cute and funny! I would actually like to write more opinionated posts, though. And sometimes I do. But most of them never get published because I am too worried about what other people will think. That train of thought is going to end in 2013! I try to write most of my posts with a little bit of humor (and possibly some sarcasm), although I have my fair share of serious (or flat out boring) ones, as well. But I do try to make sure each and every post is as well written as possible.

Writing is a passion of mine and something that is very important to me. Upon starting my blog, I quickly realized that it is a wonderful outlet for me…something I truly enjoy doing. It is something I look forward to almost every day. I love crafting a post with my words and pictures and then feeling that rush of satisfaction as I add it to my online journal for everyone else to enjoy, as well. I am very interested in expanding my readership (is that really a word?) and am so thankful to Emily for featuring me on her blog this week. The girl has got some awesome followers! And I hope at least a few of them will start reading my blog now, too. In addition, I love finding new blogs to read and I am optimistic that this will open me up to some good ones.

At this point in the game, whether you see it on my blog or not, I write something pretty much every single day. I am trying hard to incorporate writing into my life…and I am hopeful that one day I will maybe get paid for it! I don’t think that’s necessarily going to happen with my family blog, but I am working toward launching a new blog that will coincide with another project I am working on…writing a children’s book! I don’t want to divulge too much just yet, since I still have some details to iron out, but I will definitely be promoting it on The Watkins Wire when it’s ready.

Again, thank you to Emily for hosting me on her blog this week. I look forward to seeing some of the other blogs she features. Please come on over and visit me at when you get the chance!

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Emily Parker

Hey Y’all, I’m Emily! I’m a stay at home mom and consider parenting to be my passion. Disney is my happiest place and I love making memories as a family together. I’m a big believer in transparency and share all of my real-life moments as a mother of four.

My work has been featured on Love What Matters, Today Parenting and Babywise.Life. I’m also honored to be a member of the Babywise Friendly Blog Network.

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  1. Amanda Jones
    February 14, 2013 / 4:34 pm

    I love Sara's blog 🙂

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