Blog Lovin’ Week: Meet Robyn

When Emily came up with the idea for hosting blogs, I immediately thought that it was a really great idea.  I LOVE reading blogs (especially Mommy blogs!), so I’m really excited to get some new blogs to add to my list!

I’m Robyn over at Life, Love, and Lorelai (although I probably need to change that name since we have another baby now).  Obviously you read Emily’s blog if you’re reading this – and you’ve probably seen that Em and I hang out as much as we can.  What you probably don’t know is the backstory to our friendship.  I had my daughter, Lorelai, in February of 2009.  Emily had Kye in March of 2009.  We did not know each other AT ALL, but I happened to find her blog through a friend a few months after LL was born.  At the time, I was going through some REALLY rough times in my life (friendship wise) and found myself losing a lot of friends that I thought I would be friends for a looong time.  Emily and I had a lot in common – both first time mom’s, both doing baby wise, etc.  I commented on her blog, one thing led to another, and we got the kids together for a playdate (when they were around 6 months old).  It was prettttty weird.  I remember her telling me at the time that some of her friends were nervous for her and thought I might be coming to kill her – haha.  So we like to joke that our friendship started by me stalking her on the internet.  Which I guess is technically true – haha.  So here we are – almost 4 years later and still friends.  And I haven’t killed her yet.  🙂

Basically, I’m just another Mommy blogger just doing my thing.  🙂  I married the love of my life when I was 20.  We started dating when I was a senior in highschool (17) and he was a senior in college (21).  THAT’S a pretty funny story for another day.  We got married super early and enjoyed 4 wonderful years of working tons of jobs just to pay the bills, finishing school, and loving life.  Looking back, I wouldn’t change those 4 years for ANYTHING!  Living on ramen noodles, no responsibilities, spending lots of time with friends, and loving each other like crazy.

I’m married to a wonderful man who is funny, carefree, light hearted, and go-with-the-flow.  Basically, he is the opposite of me in every single way.  🙂  We have been married for almost 9 years now, and I can honestly say that he is my best friend.  We have had lots of good years together with several bad years thrown in just to keep things interesting.  He is a singer, goofball, procrastinator, and my reality tv watching partner.  Plus – he loves Jesus.  It doesn’t get much better than that!

In February of 2009, we welcomed our daughter, Lorelai, into the world.  This is also the time when my blog began.  Lorelai is the best little girl I know.  She’s spunky, silly, loud, happy, full-of-energy, strong-willed, and smart.  She gets her goofiness from her Daddy and almost everything else from her Mommy.  😉  She takes a while to warm up, wants to do everything on her own time, has an opinion about EVERYTHING, is stubborn to her core, and loves those around her with all of her heart.  She’s an animal lover, plays-in-the-dirt kind of girl.  She’s a WONDERFUL big sister, is starting to love princesses, and has a heart for Jesus.  She is who taught me unconditional love, how to be a Mommy, and has given me my best friend.  

After some ups (and a lot of downs), we finally welcomed our little man, Cooper, to our family in June 2012.  He is the baby that we spent SO MUCH time praying for.  He is everything that I didn’t know I needed or wanted.  He has done something to my heart that I didn’t know could happen.  He is calm, relaxed, happy, go-with-the-flow, handsome, and perfect.  He is exactly his Daddy made over and the perfect completion of our family.  He has taught me to love in a way that I didn’t know was possible with a little baby.  He has also made me relax more, and pray for time to slow down.  He is our last baby, and the time with him is going by WAY to fast.  He loves his sister, LOVES his Mommy, and is just the joy to ALL of our hearts.  

So I’m just another Mommy blogger married to my best friend, doing life with two kids that are more than we ever deserved, loving Jesus, and trying to make new friends along the way!

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