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I hope everyone has enjoyed Blog Lovin’ Week as much as I have! I love the variety of blogs that have been featured and have loved meeting some new blog friends! I hope you have too 🙂

Title: “That Girl”

Who am I?

I am a photographer. I am a seemingly eternal student. I am a child of God. I am a mother of three. A sister to my “mini-me” in most every way. A best friend to the most amazing best friends a girl could have. A soul mate to my angel in heaven, my Nana. An ex-wife to two men who, despite the circumstances that later came, I once loved enough to marry. An aunt to Anslie, Karlen, Gibson, Gauge, Isla, Evy, Sam, and my SmellyEllie who is our little butterfly baby in heaven. I’m a daughter to a hippie rebel man and the personification of personality with the voice of an angel. I am a step daughter to two “bonus parents” who have loved me as though they created me. I am an “out law” to the BEST former “in laws” in the WORLD. But, that doesn’t tell you much about who I really am…

I’m the girl that people debate inviting to formal events, wondering “is she gonna say/do something innappropriate?”, and the answer is a resounding “yes. probably.”… but, let me defend myself for a moment, if I may (ha. It’s my blog. I may.)- it’s not intentional. Usually. I don’t sit there and think of things to say to make other people uncomfortable. I used to tell myself that I was just bold enough to say what everyone else was quietly thinking. I’ve learned that this is not always the case. I now know that I just lack that filter between my brain and mouth that tells me what I should & should not say. And that makes me the funny girl. The loud girl. The girl who is not ashamed to talk about sex, or body parts, or even self-deprecating tales from my wild-child days (which would be any time I can get away, for the most part)… That makes me the girl at the end of the table talking about things that the front end of the table would probably turn beet red, if they only knew. So I keep my voice down. A little. My goal isn’t to turn everyone off… just make the handful of girls at my end of the table laugh a little.

I am the girl that you either absolutely adore, or you can’t stand to be around. It’s true. I’m the girl that, once you really get to know me, you find actually *does* get embarrassed. I’m the girl that acts like she doesn’t care what people think. The girl who laughs it off when she’s heard the latest rumor about herself and says out loud “do they seriously have nothing better to do with their time than talk about me??” The girl who, inside, just wants to cry. The girl who really just wants everyone to like her… but, is also the same girl who doesn’t want to compromise who she is just to make someone like her. I am a walking contradiction. I love big, comfy cozy sweaters, but I don’t really like the cold weather. I love the sunshine, but I don’t like to shave my legs so that I can wear shorts. I like my space and don’t want anyone “up my butt”, but then I get lonely. I am the girl who wishes her house were cleaner, but I’m not willing to put forth the work it would take to get it that way. I am the girl who dreams of just having a maid come and do it all… but also doesn’t want anyone touching my things {how would a maid know where I wanted everything??}.

I am the girl who knows just how hypocritical she is. I am the girl who says “all women are crazy” and includes herself in that sentiment. I am also the girl who believes that most men are the reason why all women are crazy. I’m the girl that loves my children more than life and I know that I would do absolutely anything in this world to keep my children safe… But I am also the girl who sometimes just wants to scream “Can I PLEASE just take a ten minute bath ALONE??!!” I am the girl who makes plans to do something, to get out of the house and away from the children for a couple of hours and gets genuinely excited about it… then as the time gets nearer, I’m also the girl who second guesses whether or not I really wanted to leave the house at all.

I’m the girl who can’t seem to maintain a healthy relationship with anyone of the opposite sex (a therapist would probably call it “Daddy issues”, I’m not so sure that I have any of those), yet still manages to be the girl who is always in a relationship with  someone. 

I’m the girl who often feels like I’m the only person who feels the way that I do. Then I write and get responses that tell me… a lot of you are “that girl”, too. 

Kayla’s Blog:

With my three “short people”

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