Blog Lovin’ Week: Meet Katie

Easy DIY Felt Dolls

I’m so excited to be featured on Emily’s blog today and take part in her Blog Lovin’ Week! Thanks Emily!

I’m Katie, a Christian wife to Jared and mother of two (Arabelle, 4; Bo, 2), with a third on the way! I’ve been blogging at Baby Babbles since December 2010, in an effort to keep our family and friends updated on our family activities. I’m SO thankful for all the technology that keeps us connected!

My hobbies include spending time with my family, dabbling in photography, running, trying new recipes, and squeezing in a few DIY projects when I have time! I am also part time blogger at Family Friendly Frugality, a  frugality blog featuring coupons, freebies, money saving tips, and much more!

I wanted to share with you a little project I started AND completed this week! It’s a super easy and fun project you can create on a budget that little girls will LOVE! It’s also easily adapted for boys too!

I came across the idea of felt dolls on Pinterest (where else!?) and it actually seemed like a project I could easily handle and that Arabelle (age 4) would love!

I bought a couple of packs on felt sheets at Walmart (under $3 for 12 sheets of felt), Scotch brand adhesive spray (around $7, I think), pulled out a gallon zipper baggie from the pantry, printed the doll templates found here, and got to work! I did use a hot glue gun to attach some of the accents to the dresses & shirts. I’m sure you could just do a little stitch to hold them on if you don’t have a hot glue gun.

Once I cut out the dolls, dresses, hair, and accessories, I took a large piece of felt and cut it to size for the outside of the gallon zipper bag. This will be where your child will play with the dolls. I sprayed the felt with the Scotch adhesive and put it right on the outside of the bag. The dolls, dresses, etc. can be easily stored inside the bag and when you’re ready to play, just unzip the baggie and your play area is the felt on the outside!

I initially made this for Arabelle’s church bag for a fun and quiet activity, but it would make a great gift idea too. You can also do SO many different things with this idea….Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, pattern blocks, monsters, seasonal patterns, and so much more!

Hope you enjoy this fun little DIY activity for your kids!

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