Blog Lovin’ Week: Meet Carley

My name is Carley and I am the wife to a high school coach. Our life together is dedicated to A) each other and B) sports. In our wedding vows we said, “For Wins and For Losses.” We don’t play. (Pun intended.)  In this blog (and also in real life) I refer to him as “Coach.” We are both teachers and that is AMAZING. I have summers off, and he has summers filled with football practice. (No complaining here. I love my Lifetime movie time!)  I am also a mother to the sweetest, wildest, Weimaraner around. His name is Dub. He is often visiting Instagram as #dognameddub. He is seriously the best… when he isn’t chewing his father’s books, digging in the trash, or tormenting the UPS man. 

Coach and I are from the same hometown, but did not attend the same high school. We are from the northern part of Georgia, near Athens. With this being said, it is a no-brainer that we bleed red and black. We live for Saturdays in Athens in the fall. Coach loves the games, I love the new red dresses that are always bought guilt free. This past summer we moved away from all of our friends and family to live Coach’s dream of coaching. We are now residents of the lovely, hot, humid, red clay lacking, white sand as dirt paradise known as south Georgia. When it was made official that we would be moving I was terrified. Six months later I have ZERO doubt that God wanted us here. I have the best of friends that have turned to family, an amazing job, and a home sweet home that I share with the most amazing man on Earth. 

My hobbies are, (maybe even in this order…) reading, (the Ipad was the greatest invention EVER!) running, (I am currently mid- half marathon training) cooking, and blogging. I LOVE reading blogs. Any blog, all kinds of blogs! This is most likely the reason my blog has no “theme”. If I have a good recipe, I will share it. If I have a great run, I will blog it. If I had a super wonderful weekend, I will let you know. Blogging has become a great way to journal for me and often just “vent.” 

I love being from the south. It gives me permission to always smile, monogram anything and everything, have a jug of sweet tea sittin’ in the fridge, and to always be “blessin’ someone’s heart!”

Love love, 


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