Blitzen Gender Guesses!

Since I know a LOT of my close friends have been holding out guessing on the Blitzen Baby Pool Giveaway I thought I’d help all of you out the best I can šŸ˜‰ Also if you’re pregnant too this post could be fun for you to see what you may be having šŸ˜‰ We played a SUPER fun game at the baby shower Katie and Ashley threw for me when I was pregnant with Kye where they read out gender predictors and I told them the answers to them then they revealed what that predictor said I’d be having. It was SO fun and it did say mostly boy…and I had a boy!

Here are a few of the questions that I found from the shower (the rest were in the quiz I took below so I didn’t put them on here twice) and the answers I picked for this pregnancy:

  1. Has pregnancy given me lots of headaches? Last pregnancy, yes! This time def not NEARLY as many! It’s said that a boy begins giving mom headaches before he is even born. If you are not having headaches, then you’re likely to be having a girl. 
  2. Has pregnancy made me sleepy? I would say not as much as last pregnancy. Then again, it’s more of a lack of time to sleep than it is about actually being tired haha. Supposedly if you’re pregnant with a girl you’ll need more sleep, a boy won’t make you as sleepy.
  3. I’m supposed to stare into a mirror for at least one minute but not more than three and see if my eyes dilate or not…I did it and they did not dilate. A boy will cause them to dilate while a girl won’t.

I found something similar online (in a quiz form) and thought it’d be fun to try it out. If you want to try it for yourself you can go here then click on “old wives tale gender prediction method”

  1. Is my hair full of body and shine or thin and stringy? I’d say it’s more full and shiney overall (this was one of the questions from the baby shower game too…girls are said to make you have fuller hair, while boys it’ll be thinner)
  2. Is my leg hair growing faster during this pregnancy or the same as it does when I’m not pregnant? I’d say faster…all over it’s growing faster!
  3. Are my nails growing faster and stronger? They were at first but now they are SO short because they keep breaking so I’m going to go with NO on this one. (Supposedly a boy strengthens your nails while a girl weakens them)
  4. Do I have morning sickness or wake up feeling fine? I wake up feeling fine but I did have morning sickness and since it’s usually just in the first trimester I’d assume that’s when they are referring to so I’ll say yes! (This was also from the shower – the wives tale says that morning sickness = girl and that boys wait until they are born to upset you)
  5. Am I craving sweets or sour? We ALL know it’s SWEETS! (this was in the shower game and a girl will make you crave sweets while a boy will be more sour stuff)
  6. Has my butt gotten bigger? No, it’s gotten more flat though…
  7. Are my feet colder now or the same as always? I’d say colder as I’ve worn SOCKS to bed on many nights which I never do when not pregnant!
  8. The typical heart rate question…is it below 139 usually or higher than 140 usually? It’s def lower than Kye’s ever was…and is typically in the 130’s so I’ll say lower. (Girl’s typically have a faster heart rate of 140 or above)
  9. Do I crave orange juice more often? No.
  10. Am I carrying high or low? I know a LOT of you keep saying I’m carrying high, but you can ask my mom about it…it’s for sure lower than Kye was. My bra would KILL me with Kye’s pregnancy and anything with an empire waste I couldn’t even wear…it was literally boobs then belly. I may still be higher than many pregnant women, but I’m lower in compared to my first pregnancy so I’m putting LOW.
  11. Am I a watermelon belly or a beach ball belly? (around here they say “football” and “basketball” of course). With Kye I was legit watermelon…this time I’m more beach ball for sure.
  12. Does the baby kick more often on the left or right? Shoot this child kicks EVERYWHERE but it is mostly on the left side. 
  13. Is the baby kicking me high (in the ribs) or low (in the stomach)? Last time I about died with all the rib kicks but this time it’s all stomach.
  14. Zach’s not gonna like this question…has Daddy gained any weight along with Mommy? I’d say yes, but not more than a couple of pounds. Last time around Zach was doing a diet and work out and stuff and he lost weight. This time he’s waiting so we can do it together once Blitzen arrives (which I’m thankful for!).
  15. Have I gained weight in my face? EVERYONE says I’m “all belly” so I guess that means no? I know I haven’t gained as much in my face as last time for sure!

The results say that I’m 67% having a BOY and 33% having a GIRL!

I’ve also done the wedding ring/needle test and it went in a circle which means GIRL. I tried to get Zach to do it on me again the other night…he’s such a lame-o! He said that he learned in one of his PR classes in college that the chain will move in the direction you think in your head, even though you’re not moving it on purpose it’ll just naturally move the way you think. So of course he thought to himself “don’t move don’t move” over and over and the thing didn’t move. Kinda ruined the fun in it huh? And the person who did the test on me before was probably mentally wanting it to go in circles since she knew it meant girl…so I don’t take any stock in this test!

Finally I did the Chinese Gender Prediction Chart (which is kinda tricky…my lunar age when I conceived was 28 and I conceived in the 2nd lunar month even though it was March?) and it said GIRL!

Personally, I think girl and the reason I think that is that so many things are different from my last pregnancy. Kye’s heart rate was always high, this one is always low. I gained all over and carried like a football with him, I’ve mostly just gained in my stomach and am carrying like a basketball with Blitzen. We all thought girl with Kye b/c the way I was carrying and the heart rate thing are both girl predictors so this time I’m having boy predictors but am guessing girl because they are the opposite from the ones I had when I actually HAD a boy! Get my logic? (So far it looks like most of you agree with my hunch on Blitzen being a girl…there are 20 guesses for girl on the baby hunch page and only 8 for a boy!)

Guess we’ll have to wait and see until Delivery Day if any of these little clues are right!!! Don’t forget to enter in your guesses here so you can win some awesome prizes!

Did any of these gender predictors turn out to be true for you and your babies???


  1. Jessica Guess
    November 21, 2011 / 4:33 pm

    They sell a prediction kit at must drugstores that you pee in a cup and it tells you what you are having. A girl at work did it and it said she was having a girl and it was right. Could be something fun to try….

  2. Karla Zorn
    November 21, 2011 / 5:15 pm

    I did the gender predictor test that Jessica is referring to. I did the test 3 days before we went to our ultrasound to find out what we were having. The test said boy immediatly. We went to the doctor and found out that we were having a GIRL! I talked to the ultrasound technician and she said that I was the fourth person to tell her about that test. Out of the four, only ONE of test predicted the gender accurately. Everything that I did said BOY. The chinese baby chart and the heart rate were the only two thingsĀ that said GIRL. Now we have a precious 8 month baby girl!

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