Kye’s 2nd Birthday Letter {From Mommy}

My sweet Kye,

It really is true what they say “the days are long but the years are short.” I cannot believe that you’re already two and that it’s been so long since you were that tiny baby I felt kicking me in my belly. I love watching you grow up and personally think you’re only getting more adorable with age. You have such a great blend of us both but a personality that is ALL you! My most proud mom moment is always when I see you interact with others. You amaze me at how well you do in social situations. You share, you play well, and you truly love all of your friends and family. You are such an obedient child; you listen well and do as you’re told. I know that even when it’s tough to discipline you that these years are SO vital in your upbringing and in making you the man you will someday become!

This past year has been so fun watching you develop and grow. Seeing those first steps, hearing you talk more and more, and helping you become potty trained have all been such exciting milestones! We have our tough moments too and I know this year will supposedly be a trying one but I’m sure we’ll get through it. Naps aren’t your favorite thing (never have been!) and you have become a more picky eater. But you still LOVE fruit! Anything in the fruit family and you gobble it up like candy which is so funny to me since it’s both your dad’s and mine least favorite food group!

For most of your life you have been a “daddys boy” and, while it’s precious, I’ve been jealous! When you were born EVERYONE told me “boys just love their mamas,” and seeing you be so attached to your daddy made me nervous that what everyone told me wasn’t true. Times sure have changed and now you CLING to me when I try to leave and sob for me when we drop you off at Bible Study. I know it’s a phase just like everything else in life, but I want to cherish that memory. Someday all too soon you’ll be clinging to a wife and I’ll have to let you go. People think it’s funny how much I smile when you cry and cling, but I really do love how much you love me right now!

We do spend SO much time together and have SO much fun. I have always loved having you on a schedule but it’s also nice that as you’re getting older the schedule is getting less demanding. We have a blast playing at the park, coloring together, seeing all your friends, and running errands. Seeing you break it down at every store we visit always makes my heart happy. Like your daddy said, you are a GREAT traveler. I can’t wait for all the fun trips we have planned this year, especially Disney. I hope and pray that Disney World is your happiest place in the world like it is mine. I know you’ll probably grow up and love sports just like your dad but I hope that a love of Disney is something special you and I can always share. I KNOW we can make Daddy love it too!!! 🙂

When you were born I didn’t fully appreciate how healthy you are. The older I get and the more tragedy I see other families face with their children, the more I realize how blessed we are to have you. Not only are you smart, social, fun, creative, adorable and adventurous but you’re HEALTHY. The doctors always go on and on about how perfect you are in every way. I take pride in that as I do believe so much of it has to do with me breastfeeding you as long as I did, but I am also just thankful to God for it. From head to toe you’re perfect and I’m so glad He gave you to us!!!

If I had to predict what you will be like in the future based on who you are now I truly believe you will love the Lord with all of your heart. You always get excited when you talk about “class” (Bible Study) and “church” and you love our times in prayer and carrying around your Bible. You have a great concentration and focus and an amazing memory! I love asking you each day what your favorite thing we did was and you always reflect on it and think hard on your answer. I can see you having so many career choices in life with your great attention to detail and social skills with people. You’ll probably end up selling Aflac someday since it’s in your blood 🙂 but I can see you being successful in anything you choose to do and I hope you always know that you have our support and love!

Thank you for already teaching me more about life in these two years than I could ever possibly teach you in a lifetime. I love you so, so much and LOVE being your Mommy!

Love ~ Mommy

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