Big Kid Summary: February 2018

We had such a busy February that the kids didn’t actually do a whole lot individually and I can’t justify doing individual summary posts this month (plus I have this hardcore goal of catching up so why not combine ’em into one!)

Kye came home this month with a fortune teller! It brought back SUCH great memories of childhood! I used to love making these, didn’t you?

The big thing for poor Kye this month was that he came down with THE FLU. We tried so hard to avoid it but it happened. Bless him. It was the most pitiful sickness I’ve ever dealt with thus far as a mother. It was MISERABLE for him. He missed almost an entire week of school and it took him a SOLID MONTH to fully recover. 

AND it was THE WEEK leading up to his birthday. It was a tad mega stressful. 

AND he “only” had Type A AND we all had flu shots!!!

I was EXTREMELY cautious about Spear especially but really I didn’t want ANY of us to have it! Poor Kye had to be banished. Usually when my kids are sick I let them have a little bed on the chase lounge in our living room and they veg out and watch movies etc. But Robyn made the suggestion to keep him in his room and I think that was a smart idea!

So he stayed in his room the entire day every day. We have a little portable dvd player so he was able to watch movies and he has a kindle so he was able to play some games. He loves reading and reads a lot in his bed and he took a LOT of naps. He even had a little bell to ring if he needed me and I’d bring him his meals and have “water goals” for him to drink a certain amount in a certain time frame and encouraged him to go to the bathroom often. 

I wore a mask every time I went in and sprayed Lysol everywhere ha!

My sweet baby

Being spoiled ๐Ÿ˜‰

The first day he didn’t mind being in his room. He’s rather introverted so the solo time was a nice break for a bit. But by the third day he was pitiful and missing all of us!

Even when he started feeling better he would wake up without a fever and then get a fever at lunch time! So he’d THINK he was better in the morning then BAM! Fever would hit. 

The same day that Kye went to the dr Britt went with him. She’d been saying her ear was bothering her but I felt like she was just saying that ya know? She only went because Kye was going and I figured she might as well be seen. Welllllll good thing I had her go because she had a DOUBLE ear infection!!!

She also lost ANOTHER tooth! She now is missing all three across the top and two others across the bottom! And, yes, Kye pulled it too!

 She loves doing makeup!

Britt ADORES her teacher this year. She wants to be JUST like her and asked me if she could wear a hair clip to match her teacher. This is how it looked at the end of the day haha

Britt’s smile has changed SO MUCH over the years! Her little gapped smile is so cute!

The long leg struggle is SO REAL around here. WHEW her shorts are SO SHORTTTTTT

Thankfully she agreed they were inappropriate!

I love my biggest girl!

Tess lucked out! Kye had flu, Britt had ear infection, Spear was congested but Tess? She was GOLDEN!

I was SO SAD though that I had to miss out on Wacky Wednesday with Tess this year. It was the same week Kye had the flu and I just couldn’t leave him. Wacky Wednesday is always THE most fun activity of the school year and it really broke my heart to miss it. I’m so thankful she still has one last year at preschool so I can enjoy it then!!!

Luckily Aunt Casey was there so Tess still felt special and had a BLAST!

Best Friend Cousins!

Tess has a drawer of play clothes and I just let her go crazy whenever she plays outside ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

She entertains herself SO WELL. She loves to color and will just sit and color for a good HOUR!

She also likes to get out a LOT of toys. I’m SUPER glad she’s good about cleaning up!

She found my gallon size bags I use for packing and “packed up” all her toys haha

She loves dressing up with accessories! 

She is also my most adventurous eater. She loves putting yogurt on EVERYTHING. Including her peanut butter sandwiches ๐Ÿ™‚

She is REALLY into story telling. Every morning when she gets up she’ll come to me while I’m feeding Spear and sit up next to me really close and whisper that she wants to tell me “a story and a secret.” It’s so sweet!

She also likes to feed her babies while I feed mine ๐Ÿ™‚ 

I know it’s still SO sweet but honestly it does bum me out a little bit to see her copying me with the bottle when I have such fond memories of Britt copying me when I was feeding Tess. She’d lift her little shirt and put her baby doll to her chest! 

My sweetest little girl! 


Most of the videos are always of Tess because, well, she’s the one at home with me the most! Sometimes I feel guilt about that but then I also remind myself that Kye and Britt were once three and THEY were the ones with the most pictures and videos etc ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

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