Big Kid Club – Epcot

We had the kids miss school Monday so we could enjoy one more day at the parks! I wanted to allow for the kids to visit all four parks on this little trip since I didn’t know what would pan out for the rest of the year. With us having the house now, we will be visiting the parks more often but also not for FULL days. With a new baby we just can’t be at the parks very long so I am not sure when the next time we’ll be able to do a full park day will be!

First stop…Epcot. Or as Tess calls it “Epacot!”

And a morning update of my baby boy!

We also get to Epcot a solid hour before park opening so we are among the first people to enter the park and are able to rush to our first ride of the day. For this morning I was taking the girls to Frozen and Zach was taking Kye to Test Track. Both worthy of an early morning arrival!

Whoop whoop! Mama’s a baller! We literally walked right on!

Favorite ride – favorite girls!

During the ride I noticed Olaf wasn’t working and Anna’s face was messed up in one scene. I simply pointed it out to cast member when we exited the ride because I wanted to make sure they were aware of the issue. She said the issues were fixed and offered to let us hope right back on the ride and ride it again!!! DUH we jumped at that chance!

The boys were doing their thing at Test Track

Norway pics!

We had planned to meet Elsa and Anna but got in the 20 minute line and Britt and Tess both said they didn’t want to meet them anymore and wanted to meet someone else instead. So we decided to head over to meet Joy and Sadness since we’ve never met them before!

The line was no joke but it’s inside and an “easy wait” so we just hung out and waited!

Practicing our JOY faces!

And Sadness face

Of Course Tess had to go potty while we were waiting and a nice family let us leave the line to go to the bathroom. As we were walking back up to get back in line we bumped into the boys! They hopped in with us and we literally only waited 10 more min or so until we got to meet the characters. Worked out perfect! 

Meeting Joy and Sadness

I will probably say this 1,000 times this year but I just LOVE being pass holders and feeling SO CHILL about our park time. The kids really wanted to hit up Cool Club so we were like “SURE!” Itinerary doesn’t have to be followed, plans don’t have to be kept. We know we’ll be back soon!

We were among the first people to open the Cool Club that morning (it doesn’t open until 10:30) and they handed out mini slushes to the first guests. They said anyone who had a hidden mickey on the bottom of their cup would get a free slushee. 

I guess no one had a hidden mickey on it or the cast members just liked our kids because they offered to give EACH of them a FREE slushee of their choosing! Talk about some Disney magic!!!

Free slushees puts everyone in a good mood 😉

We still got some sample sodas too and got Britt to try The Beverly

And got Tess to try it too haha

After our Cool Club break (in which I was on the phone with the dang delivery people for our entertainment center…ugh) we headed to World Showcase! 

We were at Mexico before it officially opened and had no clue that they do a cute little mini show thing to open up each country!

I love love love this SO much. Kye’s def getting to that pre-teen phase where he gets a bit embarrassed but he still went through with it 🙂 

Had to ride “the Donald Duck ride!”

Lots of rumors have been saying Three Caballeros will be overhauled into a Coco ride and I, for one, am all about it. I think it needs it and has so much potential!

Love the Coco theming already happening!

We had an early lunch reservation at Napoli before we park hopped to MK! 

We had GREAT seats this time that were super close to the ovens and it was fun to talk to the chefs and learn more about the restaurant and get to watch them make our pizza!

Tessie…all about that cheese!

Tossing the dough for our pizza!

Kye really enjoyed it!

In the past I’ve sang praises of the pizza here but on this day I just wasn’t feeling it? Zach thinks it’s because we were among the first guests of the day and the ovens maybe weren’t heated enough? But I just didn’t LOVE the pizza this time!

Eating it like the pros!

“Mom, there is a mirror…let’s take a pic!”

Love her beautiful Coco coloring!

We left the park after we finished up lunch and on our way we literally ran into Pluto who skipped with us and interacted with the kids as we walked! Such a neat moment!

I loved the beautiful weather, the casual vibe, and just being together at Epcot that morning. It made me SO EXCITED for all the memories we’ll make with Spear at Disney together! I’m so thankful for our new Disney investment rental home and hope many other families get to utilize it to make their special memories too 🙂 


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