Big Bro and Big Sis Meeting Little Sis

I am so, so thankful for the timing of Tess’s delivery. One of the main reasons I’m so glad it all happened when it did was that Jordan was available to keep the kids. I know that may sound random, but I just trusted Jordan with them more than I would have anyone else during that time. I knew he would take care of them but he’d also have fun with them and that was important to me. I wanted the older kids to have a FUN day and not to feel any anxiety or worry or concern while I was in labor. I also knew he would have fun keeping them and that means the world to me. You never want to feel like your kids are a burden to someone, and I knew with Jordan that wouldn’t be the case. He truly loves our babies and is the best uncle in the world so it was a huge blessing that the timing worked out where he got to spend the morning with them! They went to Chick-Fil-A for breakfast and then I text him when we left to go to the hospital and they hung out at the house (and the kids ended up swimming in their underwear haha…) until Tess was born! Once she arrived Zach text Jordan to go ahead and head up to the hospital.

I left instructions for Jordan and he did so awesome following them all. He was precious about Britt’s hair. I told him just to try his best and that someone else could fix it once he got up to the waiting room. When he got there he had brought her brush with him and asked if anyone could fix it better…but he’d done an awesome job (he needs a daughter next!). Her bow was upside down but otherwise it was adorable πŸ™‚ 

It’s important to Zach and I that our children get to meet our baby before anyone else does. This entire pregnancy the kids have been SO pumped about this moment. They both had special jobs for when the whole family came in the room. Britt was going to get to say “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl” and Kye was going to announce the name. We practiced often for the big moment and there was a LOT of excitement built up around it all for them! 

When we had Britt I was nervous about how Kye would feel and how he’s do when he met his baby sister. This time? I wasn’t worried at all. I KNEW the kids were both super excited and I didn’t worry about how any of it would work out. Zach went to the waiting room and brought them in and we just kept it all super casual! 

Elizabeth took this video for us of the big first meeting (I LOVE Kye’s instant smile when I whispered “it’s a girl” to him. ZERO percent disappointed to not get the brother he was hoping for! You can tell he instantly is in love with Tess!)

All photos taken by JBliss Photography

I heard from everyone else that Kye was pretty worried about me in the waiting room. He was also concerned about me when I had Britt. He has never asked me how the baby actually comes out of my belly and I’ve always painted it all in a very positive light so it’s interesting to me that he has those concerns for his mama. Maybe it’s just a natural male instinct to feel protective? Kye was more eager in the waiting room to see me than he was the baby. And when they left me he kept saying he wanted to see me again and he even told Zach that he better take care of me πŸ™‚ So, so sweet. 

I love his excitement!

Right away Britt said “It’s a boy!” because we had been practicing so much saying both boy and girl that I guess she was just ready to say SOMETHING haha. Kye instantly asked what it was and I didn’t want to say it out loud b/c I worried Britt would bust out with it before it was time. So I whispered “it’s a girl” in Kye’s ear and he was so happy and smiled so big at his new sister. He is going to be such an awesome big brother to BOTH of his girls!

I love how their Big Bro and Big Sis shirts turned out…thanks to Green Feet Boutique!

I adore these first photos of my family of five. You can see the love we all have for our newest member!

Kye was so emotional and just had this look of true happiness on his face. Britt was also excited! But I knew going into it not to expect too much from her as when I had her Kye wasn’t very into it either πŸ˜‰ She was actually a lot more eager and interested than I had expected which was a precious surprise!

Britt kissing Tess’s feet!

I adore the emotions in this picture. I’m just so blessed!!!

Britt showed a lot more interest than I had anticipated and did want to keep kissing on her and was truly excited about her! Kye was much more wanting to be with me, although he was also very thrilled to have the baby here πŸ™‚

I thought it was SO SWEET that when I said we could go ahead and bring everyone in that Zach wanted to wait and let the kids hold Tess first! Such a sweet Daddy! And it worked out because Elizabeth needed to check me and it was a bit painful so the kids holding the baby was a good distraction for them so they wouldn’t witness my pain. I didn’t get to see any of this happen so I’m mega thankful for the photos of the first time Kye and Britt held Tess!

So sweet!

And Britt is instantly in love too πŸ™‚

Proud Big Sister!

Checking out that head full of hair!

First family photo! My whole heart πŸ™‚

The kids meeting Tess didn’t last very long. They were both so excited to get to announce the news to the family and we knew everyone in the waiting room was dying to get in there with us so Zach went to tell everyone to come on in! 

You can see when Kye met Britt for the first time here πŸ™‚ He has loved both of his sisters right from the start!

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