BFBN Week: Temper Tantrums: The Happy Heart Rug

Today’s second spotlight blogger is Carrie, from Wiley Adventures. I gain SO much parenting tips and advice from fellow bloggers and her post today is a great one. It’s about how their family handles toddler tantrums by using a Happy Heart Rug.

Such a simple and genius idea! Like Carrie, we often use the term “happy heart” in our home. I couldn’t have said this better myself: “We use the term “happy heart” a lot in our house. Because we do want to teach our kids that they can CHOOSE to have a happy heart. Specifically in regards to obedience. We teach them to obey “Right away, all the way, with a happy heart”. Most tantrums happen in this obedience cycle. You ask your child to do something that they don’t want to do so they throw a fit.”

Be sure to read Carrie’s full post here!

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