BFBN Week: Self-Control is a Base Virtue

Today’s spotlight is on two of our Babywise Friendly Bloggers. The first is Cole, from Twinning Babywise. She’s talked about self-control being a base virtue. Her post ties in BEAUTIFULLY with my topic tomorrow which is about teaching your children self-control 🙂

I always love Cole’s voice in her writing and today’s post may just be my favorite of hers yet. When deciding what to quote from her post I simply couldn’t nail down one section. I love the entire thing. She explains what self-control is, why it’s important to train our children in it, and how to achieve that (I am going to start doing a self-control chair NOW as well as being sure to point out examples of self-control throughout the day with my children).

Be sure to check out her full post here!

Also be sure to check in with all the Babywise Friendly Bloggers this week!

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