BFBN Week: The Realities of Exclusively Pumping

I’ve been loving all of the breastfeeding posts this week and today’s spotlight blogger is Caitlin from Twin Mom and More!

I have personally experienced exclusively breastfeeding and have experienced exclusively bottle feeding but I have not ever had the experience of exclusively pumping so this topic is something I’m very interested in and one I know will help others who are planning to or considering exclusively pumping as well!

I love that Caitlin tells it like it is and appreciate this quote from her post: “In my opinion, exclusively pumping combines the hardest parts of formula feeding and breastfeeding. I’m not writing this to scare anyone who plans on pumping. Many moms aren’t able to breastfeed, or they work full time, so they choose to exclusively pump. I just want you to know that it is a lot of work. I’ve heard many people casually say “Oh, just switch to pumping.” It’s not as simple as that. I want you to be prepared for the amount of work that’s necessary to exclusively pump.”

Be sure to check out her post in full here!


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