BFBN Week: Intentional Parenting: How Our Beliefs and Goals Shape Our Parenting Decisions

Today is day 2 of our Babywise Friendly Blog Network Week! The spotlight blogger today is Kim from Team Cartwright. She is posting about being intentional in our parenting and how our beliefs and goals as parents shape our parenting decisions.

I am very passionate about being intentional with my parenting. Just this morning I was actually thinking on this topic and how difficult it is to always be intentional when I have three children. I want to do better at taking the time to really think through all of my decisions. I’m thankful for Kim’s timely post and especially love this point she makes “Being intentional with parenting helps me be consistent, evaluate what I want to stress with my kids, and keep the big picture in mind.  It helps my husband and I stay on the same page and work together when we face challenges.  Keeping my goals and beliefs in mind actually helps eliminate some stress too.  If an issue isn’t something that contradicts my beliefs, it is easier to let it go.  If it is a challenging course of action to reach my goal, remembering my beliefs helps me to know I am doing the right thing for my family.”

Be sure to read the rest of her post here!

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