BFBN Week: How To Solve The “Wise in Their Own Eyes” Problem

Today we have two spotlight bloggers for our Babywise Friendly Blog Network Week!

When we were all deciding topics to discuss for the week I was jealous that Natasha, from Let’s Be Brave, snagged “wise in their own eyes” from Preschool Wise. Y’all this is a COMMON occurrence among the preschool age. It’s something that, as parents, we really have to stay on top of and Natasha’s post covers how to solve the problem when kids are given too many freedoms.

She discusses the three types of freedoms that may cause the problem: “The three most common ways children become wise in their own eyes during the preschool years are: (1) parents grant too many decision-making freedoms; (2) parents grant too many physical freedoms; and (3) parents grant too many verbal freedoms.” She also talks about HOW to fix it and get back on track!

Be sure to check out her full post here 🙂 

Also be sure to visit all of the spotlight bloggers this week to learn more about non-sleep related topics from the “wise” series of books!


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