BFBN Week: How to Go to No Naps and Staying up Past Bedtime

Today’s posts with the Babywise Friendly Blog Network theme of sleep both work so beautifully together. Both Katrina, from Mama’s Organized Chaos, and Kim from, Team Cartwright, are discussing a lack of sleep rather than ways of creating more sleep.

First up Mama’s Organized Chaos has her post titled How to Know if Your Child is Ready to Drop to No Naps.  There are MANY things to consider when it comes to dropping nap time. Age, readiness, ability, so many elements come into play when it comes to a child’s ability to go all day without a nap.


Personally, I hang onto naps until my kids are forced to drop it in all day school. Kye was 6 when he went to no nap and even now at 9 he still naps every Sunday and has rest time every day of the summer in his bed! Thinking your child is ready to go nap-free? Be sure to read Katrina’s post today!

Up next we have Team Cartwright and her post titled 7 Reasons I Want My Kids Awake After Bedtime.  Sometimes we read posts and it’s content we’re already familiar with…but Kim’s ideas are ones I’ve never really thought about! There are so many benefits to our kids being in their beds, even if they aren’t sleeping.

Knowing these benefits can allow you to relax a little and not stress so much over having your children sleep! Be sure to read over her list of reasons having kids being awake in their beds is a good thing in her post today!

Be sure to visit ALL of the Babywise Friendly Bloggers this week on our topic of SLEEP. So much great info that will help you in your parenting:


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And be back here on my blog for my post Friday!

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