BFBN Week: How to Give Instructions to Your Toddler and Achieve Results

We are mid-way through our Babywise Friendly Blog Network Week and I hope you’ve been enjoying our topics on non-sleep concepts from the “wise” series of books.

Today’s spotlight blogger is Katrina from Mama’s Organized Chaos. She is talking about how to give instructions to your toddler and achieve results. Toddlers are TOUGH when it comes to obedience and can often be stubborn along with it! As Gary Ezzo in Toddlerwise says (taken from her post) “Following these basic guidelines can prevent stress and increase voluntary compliance. Failure to embrace them will lead to unwelcomed power struggles and battles of the will”.

Having a toddler myself this is all very important and her post includes very timely tips that I know will be useful around our home! Be sure to read the full post here 🙂

Also make sure you’re checking in with all of the Babywise Friendly Bloggers this week!


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