BFBN Week: How I Breastfed For 12 Months Even When Everything Went Wrong

This week is Babywise Friendly Blog Network Week! These Babywise Bloggers aren’t just fellow bloggers with like minded parenting styles but they are some of my very best friends and I am beyond thankful for their friendship. I wish we’d had each other during my early days of motherhood but I LOVE that we’re all able to write on topics that can be so beneficial for mamas who are in those phases of parenting where it’s hard and overwhelming and can feel so lonely.

This week our topic is on breastfeeding but our posts won’t be the typical posts you’re probably used to seeing on this topic! I’m SO excited for this series!!!

Today we’re kicking things off with Val from Chronicles of a Babywise Mom and she’s sharing how she breastfed for 12 months even when everything went wrong. I relate SO MUCH to this experience as I struggled big time with nursing Kye and then even with nursing Britt! It really took that third baby for everything to “click” and for the experience to be as positive as I’d always heard it would be.


Val starts her post by sharing something I believe so many of us can relate to: “Breastfeeding didn’t start out anything like I had ever imagined it would. I had idealistic visions. My beautiful little newborn would be brought to the breast and would nurse perfectly. Why wouldn’t the baby do so? Sure, there might be a bump here or there, but I would lightly laugh them away and we would continue forward. Breastfeeding would be easy. Breastfeeding wouldn’t hurt. It was the natural thing to do and the way God designed the body, so of course it would be simple. It would be natural. It would be second nature. It would be a beautiful thing that bonded my baby to me.”

Be sure to read the rest of her post on this topic here!

And follow along throughout this week as we all share about the topic of breastfeeding: 

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