BFBN Week: Having Babies Close in Age {Benefits of Babywise}

I had this scheduled to post yesterday but it didn’t go up…so sorry!!!


This week is Babywise Friendly Blog Network Week! Each of the group of bloggers will have a day where we write on a certain Babywise topic to share with all of you! The topic this time is “Benefits of Babywise” which I am VERY excited about!!!

Today Rachel, who blogs at A Mother Far From Home, is discussing having kids close in age and how Babywise has helped her and made close in age children easier than most people think! 

I love, love, love this part from her post:

“These are how people generally react when they find out how close my children are in age. Most people can’t imagine what would possess a woman to do such a thing. I just smile and say, “Really, it’s not as hard as you think.” And I mean it. And it’s not because I’m supermom, it’s because of Babywise.”

I often find myself letting people know that a LOT of my parenting and my children’s behavior and my LIFE is thanks to Babywise and isn’t because I’m some “supermom.” It’s like Rachel took the words right out of my mouth (which she does often actually!) 🙂

While I don’t have children nearly in close as age as Rachel does, I think her 5 points are all excellent on how Babywise truly does help with multiple children, no matter what their age differences!

Be sure to visit A Mother Far From Home today and check back to see all the other great posts coming this week!

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