BFBN Week Day 5

Today is the final day of Babywise Friendly Blog Network Week! I hope you’ve had a chance to check out all these awesome Babywise mama bloggers…here’s a run down of who spotlighted each day this week:

  • Monday: Valerie, Chronicles of a Babywise Mom
  • Tuesday: Maureen, Childwise Chat
  • Wednesday: Claire, My Devising and Elaine, Faithfully Infertile
  • Thursday: Emily, Journey of Parenthood 
  • Friday: Rachel, A Mother Far From Home
  • Rachel, who blogs at A Mother Far From Home, is one of the newer members of our crew. Literally every single time I read her blog I feel like I’m reading my own words. We have SO MUCH in common and I feel a bond with her already. I wish she didn’t live across the world so we could hang out 😉 Her post today talks about keeping the focus on the family, not on the family being revolved around the children. I love how Rachel has a talent to break things down into simple ways to easily understand. I especially appreciated her section on teaching manners. She brought a new thought to my focus on manners for our children: If they aren’t allowed to “rule the roost” throughout the day, they’ll know it isn’t all about them.  I’ve never thought about how teaching manners to our kids is actually helping us protect our family from becoming “child centered” but it’s SUCH a good point!!! Be sure to check out Rachel’s blog post today as well as visit the other spotlight bloggers this week!

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