BFBN Week Day 3

Babywise Friendly Blog Network Week continues today with the spotlight on two bloggers! Double the awesomeness for today 🙂 

  • Monday: Valerie, Chronicles of a Babywise Mom
  • Tuesday: Maureen, Childwise Chat
  • Wednesday: Claire, My Devising and Elaine, Faithfully Infertile
  • Thursday: Emily, Journey of Parenthood 
  • Friday: Rachel, A Mother Far From Home
  • First Claire from My Devising is blogging about keeping the marriage a top priority in their family. I appreciate how she says: Yes, marriage is hard work.  But becoming a parent is like no other work I’ve ever known. It is so true and I don’t think many people realize just how much becoming a parent will totally rock your world!!! She gives suggestions on ways to keep your marriage at the center of the family and I love how she talks about traveling together! We all know I love me some traveling 🙂

    Next is Elaine from Faithfully Infertile. Her post talks about keeping the crazy to a minimum and I highly recommend all soon-to-be parents to read over her tips on establishing Babywise from the beginning. I completely agree that implementing Babywise changes the family. Like she says: While there are chaotic times like any family experiences, the overall climate of our home is one of peace, serenity, order and routine.

    Be sure to check out both spotlight bloggers today as well as all the others this week! I’m the spotlight tomorrow and am excited about the post I have planned!

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