BFBN Week: 7 Ways to Establish Good Sleep Habits from Birth AND Dropping to One Nap

Today is the second day of our Babywise Friendly Blog Network Week on the topic of sleep. We have TWO spotlight bloggers today who both are offering up awesome content on this topic but from two different places in parenting.


First up we have Caitlin from Twin Mom and More and her post called: 7 Ways to Establish Good Sleep Habits from Birth. I am HARDCORE about starting as I mean to go on and that means from birth implementing Babywise techniques with my infants. Caitlin offers up wonderful suggestions and simple ways to establish positive sleep habits from the start! A great read for any mom-to-be 🙂

Natasha from Let’s Be Brave is covering the opposite end of the sleep spectrum in her post today: Dropping to One Nap. When is it time to drop to just one nap? And how do you make that happen? Be sure to read her post today on tips for helping through that transition!

Sleep is so important. For adults. For babies. For kids. I love that our Babywise Friendly Blog Network Group are all so unified in our values of SLEEP. This is such a great topic for this week and I can’t wait to read all the other posts on the topic:

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