BFBN: “Tricky People” and “Stranger Danger with 2 Year Olds”

Today is day 3 of Babywise Friendly Blog Network Week! We are on the topic of strangers and have TWO spotlight bloggers today on this topic:

The first is from Team Cartwright and she has some great strategies to work on with toddlers about dealing with unfamiliar people. With Tess being the same age as her son, I took a lot from this post. I love that she points out just continuing to talk and ask questions of our toddlers helps them learn and refrain the information, even if they don’t always seem like they are listening. Pointing out community helpers, talking about who can touch us/who shouldn’t, etc are all great things to discuss even with little ones!

You can read more from Team Cartwright on this topic here!

Our second spotlight blogger of the day is someone new joining our crew! Natasha from Let’s Be Brave is discussing “tricky people and body safety” today! I especially love this from her: “Also, your child is most likely to be hurt, harmed, abducted, assaulted, or molested by someone they know and are familiar with.  So given all this, we felt the need to teach our kids to self-protect – to be able to tell the difference between safe people and unsafe people, or in other words, “tricky people,” so that they could identify a person who isn’t safe on their own, whether they know that person or not.”

The second part of her post is SO awesome. It’s one that every parent needs to read (and pin!) as she includes body safety rules that are simple, to the point, and dead on. 

Be sure to check out Natasha’s post here!


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