BFBN: Talking Through Tantrums and Discipline as Discipleship

Today we continue with our topic discipline and have TWO spotlight bloggers:

First up is Team Cartwright and Kimberly is sharing about talking through tantrums with toddlers. It’s important as a parent to dig deep and understand the why behind what children do and the ways in which they behave. I agree so much with her tip about giving it some TIME prior to talking it through. I find this to be super effective with all my children. They need some time and space to process their emotions before I sit down and discuss it with them (heck, I need that time and space for myself to calm down too!).

You can read the rest of her post here!


Next is Carrie from Wiley Adventures. Her post is discussing discipline as discipleship. Parenting is about the HEART not just the action. Digging deep with our kids is so crucial and parenting from a biblical perspective is the best way to really raise our children up as the Lord calls!


You can read her post here!




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