BFBN: Should You Correct for Attitude?

This week is Babywise Friendly Blog Network week! Each of us will be discussing the topic of attitude. Today’s post comes from Valerie over at Chronicles of a Babywise Mom!

I love how she says “We need to help our children learn how to respond to emotions correctly. This is why we discipline for attitude. The emotion is not the problem, it is our response to the emotion that is the problem.” Isn’t that so true? It is a tough lesson to teach and I’m thankful Valerie wrote such an insightful post about correcting attitude and the WHY behind it. Being intentional in parenting is so important and knowing the why behind what we do helps us stay on course and ensure our actions do have meaning behind them. 

Be sure to check out Valerie’s wonderful post today for more answers for the question: should you correct for attitude?

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