BFBN: Requiring a Good Attitude Without Stifling Emotions

Today continues Babywise Friendly Blog Network Week! The spotlight is on Rachel at A Mother Far From Home and she discussed if we can require a good attitude of our children without stifling their emotions. She makes SO many wonderful points in her post! I love how she says: emotions are neither positive nor negative, they are neutral. Be sure to check out the rest of the post for tips on how to allow our children to express their emotions while still requiring a positive attitude from them! This is a post I plan to be pinning so I can re-read it again and again when our new baby comes. I’m interested to see how my children relate to the baby and think these pointers will come in handy to make sure I am giving them what they need emotionally!

Come back tomorrow as I am discussing training children to have an attitude of appreciation! And be sure to visit all the Babywise Friendly Blogs this week:

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