BFBN: Myths Vs Realities

Today kicks off Babywise Friendly Blog Network Week! This is a week where we have a Babywise topic that each of us discuss on our own blogs each day. Our subject for this week is Babywise Myths. There are a TON of misconceptions about Babywise and we’re hoping to shed some light on that this week!

Kicking things off is Valerie from Chronicles of a Babywise Mom. Valerie has been blogging about Babywise since 2007 and has seen a LOT of changes in the way it’s viewed. “As people with Babywise spoke out more, and therefore other people saw that Babywise babies were very happy, alert, and intelligent little cuties, the myths left baby land. It was no longer “Here is the list of terrible things that will happen to your baby if you do Babywise.” It turned to “Here is the list of terrible things that will happen to your child if you do Babywise.””

You can read her full post about the myths vs realities of Babywise here!

Be sure to visit all of the Babywise Bloggers this week for more insight on this topic:

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