BFBN: How To Discipline Without Spanking

This week is our Babywise Friendly Blog Network Week! We are all discussing the topic of discipline and Valerie, from Chronicles of a Babywise Mom, is kicking things off with a post overflowing with TONS of great stuff on discipline. Even if you DO spank…these tips and tricks will help minimize the times spankings happen 😉 

I especially found this point to stand out to me: “Be Consistent You need to be consistent in your expectations and in your consequences for breaking those rules. You can’t allow something one day and then flip out the next day when the same thing is done. That makes no sense to a child. Children are excellent observers and scientists. They know how to test things out to see what is okay in life and what isn’t. If you flip flop, you can’t expect them to be straight and narrow.”

I know a big switch for us with the third kid thing is that being consistent! It’s tough to always stick to the same standards at all times. But it’s important! I’m thankful for Val’s post and it’s one I will re-read many times to keep fresh on my mind and in my parenting toolbox. Be sure to read her entire post here!

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