BFBN: Being in Tune with Personality Types Within the Family

Today continues Babywise Friendly Blog Network week with our topic of personalities. Elaine, from Faithfully Infertile, is blogging about the importance of being in tune to personality types within the family dynamic.

Her post really got me thinking a lot about my own family! My oldest is the opposite of her oldest…Kye does well in school but he doesn’t love it. He’s like her second child and would rather be home all day with me. I think he would be fine with homeschooling if it’s something we felt called to do with him. He doesn’t require a lot of social interaction with others. It’s so interesting to me how Elaine was in tune with her children’s needs and was able to adjust their situation to better fit their personalities! Be sure to read her post at Faithfully Infertile and be sure to check out the other bloggers this week!

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