BFBN: $50 Amazon Giveaway!

I LOVE being part of the Babywise Friendly Blog Network! I’m super excited about the new idea some of the ladies came up with and think a lot of yall will be too 🙂

I think all moms agree: Pinterest is awesome. What isn’t so awesome about Pinterest though is when you go to click on a picture and it takes you nowhere. Or it takes you to something you didn’t expect. Or it’s spam. Such a pain!!! All of the Babywise Friendly Blog Network mamas have teamed up and created a Pinterest account together. This account will feature many boards with pins that actually work and will take you to legit stuff. It’s all stuff we ourselves have tested and tried and want to share with you!

You can follow the BFBN Pinterest Account here:

We have already created some boards on the account and will be pinning our own posts that we’ve written as well as others we know are legit to the boards in the near future!

Each month we are going to have a day where we all write about a certain topic and pin that topic to the Pinterest account with a specific board for that topic. This month we will kick it off on August 22nd and will all be writing about lunches. Ideas for lunches for our kids, stuff for school lunch, and other stuff related to lunch!

To celebrate the kick-off of this new Pinterest account we are giving away a $50 Amazon Gift Card! You can enter the giveaway on my facebook page HERE! Or here: a Rafflecopter giveaway

I’m excited about this new account because I know I can visit any of the pins and get some good parenting tips from fellow moms! This contest ends on Saturday August 23rd so be sure to enter!!! Can’t wait to read all the great ideas to come!

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