Best Valentine’s Day Ever!

Seriously, this was my best one ever!!! So yes, it’s a LONG post to go along with my GREAT day!

We started out the morning by going to church and Kye got to take a fuller nap since we didn’t have class! That made him in a way better mood for church which was nice! It’s getting easier now that he can stand up b/c we can just put him between us on the floor and let him stand and play with toys in the seat. It seems to be working! It probably will get tough again once he starts walking though!!!

After church we went to Blimpie to get subs and went to our neighborhood park to have a family picnic. It was BEAUTIFUL outside but sadly the ground was soaking wet 🙁 So no go on the picnic! On the way home from the park we let Kye “drive” for his first time (don’t worry we live 2 seconds from the park so it was rather safe…)


both concentrating



Once we got home Kye went down for his nap and we ate our subs and basically waited for Kye to get up! As soon as he did it was present time!!! I was pumped about our first Valentine’s Day box and I had a lot of fun making it as well as filling it with goodies for us all. This year it was our only Valentine’s Day decoration, maybe someday we’ll invest in more but with Kye’s birthday not that far away I’d rather spend more on his party decorations!


He totally understood what the box was for!

He LOVED the card from Gramma because it sang when he opened it!

helping Daddy get his new toy remote control out of the CRAZY hard-to-open packaging

Zach and I have NEVER done big stuff for Valentine’s Day. When we were dating our “anniversary” was Feb 5th so we spent more money and effort on that holiday. I feel like Valentine’s Day isn’t some big awesome holiday, it’s just a nice day to share with those you love! We set a $30 budget and did good sticking to it. We also didn’t get much for Kye. Gramma sent him a cute card and a webcam so we can Skype with her (yes my MOM does Skype and I had no clue what it was haha) and G-Mama and Big Papa got Kye a remote control he had on his ToysRUs wishlist. 

I couldn’t resist getting Zach a little candy b/c he LOVES it!

I also got Zach a black beanie, Season 3 of The Office, and a coupon that said it’s good for a year subscription to House Beautiful magazine. I thought it’d be so fun for us to look through it together and get ideas for our next home! Or at least ideas to tuck away for a dream home someday 😉 I played a little joke on him too and typed in MEGA small font on the bottom of the coupon “this coupon also entitles Emily Parker to a pool in her next backyard” haha Hey, I’ll do whatever it takes to make this thing happen!!! 😉

Zach did a great job and got me an HOUR long pedicure at a new Spa in town!


We got Kye several little things: a new bath toy and book from the $1 bin at Target, some toy plastic balls I got for free with a coupon at ToysRUs, and this monkey I couldn’t resist! I typically am not a sucker for things like this but I couldn’t help myself! It was TOO funny! I got it for $10 (I know $10 what a ripoff!!! but oh well!) because I bought three Hallmark cards and it’s so cute, you press the paw and it dances and sings! I plan to have it out at Kye’s party so everyone can see it then too! He cracked up and kept pushing the button!



It was fun just opening our little gifts together and we were impressed with how much more Kye got into it than he did at Christmas. He loved playing with the wrapping and tearing up the tissue. Hopefully he’ll be cute for his birthday!

After we got done opening we took a family bike ride down to the park to play! The weather was too perfect to spend the afternoon inside!

Did you notice Kye’s shirt?

ready for a ride

We had a great time at the park and Zach enjoyed getting to play with Kye as he usually misses out on our park visits during the week. I laugh out loud about this picture for many reasons…Kye’s hat is funny but Zach’s shorts are even funnier!

our boy loves to swing!




After we got home I made a FEAST! I wanted to cook something I knew Zach loved and it was a success! I made an awesome Roasted Pork Tenderloin and my favorite Pampered Chef Bread (click on the names of the recipes to view them). YUM!  


And for dessert I made those already pre-done festive cookies. I thought it’d be cute and Zach actually LOVED them! We let Kye have one and after he figured it out he enjoyed it too!



After Kye’s bath Zach had such a sweet idea to have us BOTH read Kye a story so Kye and I sat on Daddy’s lap and read Love You Forever. It was precious! Zach read a page then I read a page and I, of course, ended up crying at the end of the book. I can NEVER read that book without crying. But it was such a sweet way to end a great day as a family! The BEST Valentine’s Day EVER thanks to my two favorite guys!

…As a bonus Valentine’s Day gift for me JEFF AND JORDAN are on this season’s Amazing Race so I got to see them again (an answer to my prayers!!! haha). I watched soooo much Big Brother back when I was nursing so often last summer that I feel like I know them personally and I was reunited with old friends 🙂 They won the first leg so I hope they continue to do well!


  1. Michelle
    February 22, 2010 / 4:19 am

    We got that monkey as well. It was just too cute to resist! Love the pic of Kye driving!Glad you guys enjoyed your first date on the experiment. We are going on our this weekend! I guess we will be a bit behind. It is just too hard to find babysitters close by!

  2. Theo Trollbeads
    March 4, 2010 / 7:20 am

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