Back to School 2017

I’m nottttt one of those moms who gets super excited for back to school. I love summer. I love the kids being at home. I kinda dread having them go back to school. Every year I secretly debate homeschooling πŸ˜‰

This year Britt started KINDERGARTEN! She’s our first child to go to public school for kindergarten and first to go full day. I’d never heard of her teacher before (I know two of the kindergarten teachers so I did actually have some hopes on who’d she have) but liked her right when we met her. I know Britt is in excellent hands!

Britt has been THRILLED about going to school and has talked about it for ages.  She was so proud at Open House and so eager for the first day!

We got to Open House pretty late. Like 30 min before it ended. With Zach’s new job and busy work schedule we tried to make it work to all go together but will probably change it up next year to make sure we have the necessary amount of time.

I also got smart this year and once I knew who the teachers were I went on their individual websites and printed off their list rather than just going off the school’s list. I had ALL the needed supplies at Open House which minimized the back to school stress for sure!

A big honor at their school is to move upstairs. Third grade is the first time they get to be upstairs and Kye was so excited for this big honor!

I also didn’t know his new teacher but have heard WONDERFUL things about her from others so I’m also sure it’ll be a great year for him. I don’t overly worry about the teachers my kids get assigned. My goal is to have well behaved kids…so if they have a “nice” teacher or a “mean” teacher it shouldn’t make a difference in my children’s behavior. I also have ZERO control over the teacher selection so I just roll with it and so far we’ve been VERY blessed!

Their first day of school was Monday August 7th (Daddy’s birthday). We all went together as a family to drop them off. Britt slept in curlers the night prior as she wanted “fancy hair.” While Kye was the opposite and asked me if he could please not wear a “church shirt” for the first day this year!

Third grade is a BIG DEAL to me because it’s the first grade in school that I really, really remember very clearly. Like I can transport my self right back to that year. I can remember my friends, my crushes, my feelings, and thoughts. It was a big year for me (my parents divorced so it’s also probably why it sticks out) and it’s CRAZY that I have a CHILD in 3rd!!! 

Same book bag and lunch box as last year. My goal is for them all to make it two years! For how much dang PBK costs…they SHOULD!

I did find a good trick and that is to wash the lunch box on the top rack of the dishwasher…it came out perfect!

I found Britt’s shirt from The Crochet Closet on Etsy! It’s become a MUCH more popular item now than it was when I first bought one for Kye so I loved that I got hers for like half the price and that it’s even personalized πŸ™‚ 

I let Britt choose from the PBK patterns that were on clearance. I’ve found over the years that they tend to clearance out older styles and patterns in June in preparation to release their newer designs. Great time to grab some!

My BIG girl!

Drop off on the first day was INSANE. We had to park super far from the school and walk. But it didn’t stop the kids from being super pumped πŸ™‚ 

Since Britt didn’t do Pre-K at the public school I didn’t even LOOK at her class list on Open House because I simply assumed we wouldn’t know anyone. When we dropped her off on the first day we ran into friends from church and are so happy that their little boy is in her class! I know Brady will be looking out for her πŸ˜‰ 

Going upstairs!

Kye was eager to get going on his school work…which has been the typical drop off on the first day situation with him since he started school. Love that he’s focused but dang give your mama a little attention too πŸ˜‰ 

When Kye first went to public school I picked him up on the first day but Britt really, really wanted to ride the bus. I loved seeing that BIG smile come bouncing towards me!

Mrs. Liz at church gave all the kids a baggie of cookies for their first day treat which saved me the hassle of baking some like I normally do πŸ™‚ We added ice cream to make it extra-special! 

Britt LOVED school and had a wonderful first day! 

Tess’s paper work for school took awhile to get to me and when it arrived I was SO EXCITED to see that her teacher this year is Ms Julie. She taught Kye in the 4 year old class and Britt for the 3 year old class and we ADORE her. Seriously she’s THE sweetest!!! I had been told by a few people at the school last year who to expect as Tess’s teacher and I was over the moon thrilled at this surprise news! 

I told Zach not to rearrange his schedule for Open House for Tess. We know Ms Julie so well that there just wasn’t a need for him to make that appearance. Tess’s open house was after Kye and Britt were in school so it was SUPER fun just her and I getting to go together. 

She walked so proudly around that school and was so happy to be back. It’s incredible what a difference a year makes. She NEVER cries now when it’s time to go to school or when I’m dropping her off. She LOVES it and actually cries on Mondays and Fridays when she can’t go!

She lead the way πŸ˜‰

Tess started school on Tuesday August 15th! More than a full week after the older two. She was SO READY! 

Can’t hide that excitement!

Last year Tess was in the 2 year old class and this year she is in the 3 year old class. I had several parents surprised that I didn’t put her in the 2 1/2 year old class. She turned three on July 31st and Zach and I are hoping she’s able to go through school without the need for “red shirting.” Our main reason for this is developmentally. I was VERY early in my development (Aunt Flow came to visit when I was NINE y’all. NINE) and if she follows my lead then she’ll also probably develop young and we’d rather her be the youngest in her class than the oldest for that reason. If Tess had been a boy then we would have for SURE redshirted but I think she’ll be just fine as the youngest! 

Carter was in the 2 1/2 year old class last year and is in Tess’s class this year! So fun to have your BFF cousin in your class!

She did not care one bit about me leaving!!!

And she had an awesome first day!!!

So far it’s been a great start to the school year! We’ve been so happy with all of the teachers our children have and it’s been so great getting to hear all the fun they have each day!

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