Back to School!

We have had SUCH a fun filled summer! Timing worked out great to have a baby due at the very end of the summer. While it was tough being pregnant, it was great to get to do so many fun things rather than being stuck at home with a new baby! The last week of summer was pretty boring for the big kids with a little sister at home and Mommy being exhausted. They were both excited for school to start!

I have always been the parent to go to alllll school functions. So it broke my heart that I couldn’t take the kids to their Open House. But Tess was only 8 days old and we had our newborn pictures the next day so she needed to stay in her routine at home and I didn’t want to risk messing that up. I knew FOR SURE I was going to their first day of school so I missed out on the Open House. 

Zach and Mrs. Charlotte took them together. I went last year by myself and it was rough so I knew it’d be good for Zach to have some reinforcement! 

While I feel bad that Kye and Britt were NOT happy that morning, it also makes me feel good b/c they were bummed that I wasn’t going with them. My heart hurt so, so bad that I couldn’t take them and couldn’t see their classes and meet their teachers. But that’s part of having a larger family: I will have to miss some things sometime. And that’s okay. They know I love them and that’s not going to change if I have to miss a few events from time to time. 

Sad babies!

 Forced smiles from us all that morning!

I asked Zach to take pics for me and he did a pretty good job! I heard later that they forgot to take some and then went back and did it πŸ˜‰ But I still appreciate the effort!

Kye’s class

 With his teacher

 Britt’s class

 Excited for the first day!

It ended up working out really well that Mrs. Charlotte went too b/c Kye’s parent meeting was long so she brought the kids on home to me and Zach stayed for the meeting. I was eager to hear alllll about everything. When they walked in the door this is how each conversation went down:

Me: Britt! How was your class?

Britt: I had popcorn!

Me: Kye! How was your class?

Kye: I had an apple!

Me: Zach! How did Kye’s parent meeting go?

Zach: He isn’t going to have too much homework and they have a good discipline system.

Don’t you feel like you were there after that GREAT run down from everyone?!?! 

We did SO MUCH this summer that there wasn’t really anything left we hadn’t done. Kye had mentioned wanting to have another fire in the backyard and doing s’mores. I already had all the s’mores stuff so we thought it’d be a fun thing to do on the last night of summer. OF COURSE it rained and we couldn’t use the fire pit…so we made it work and used the grill. haha!

 Britt decided right away that she doesn’t like s’mores and just wanted to eat the marshmallows

The first day of school was a big day for us all. We ALL had to get up, get ready, and get out the door! I’m so, so thankful I was able to go with the kids and it was also Tess’s first official outing! Big day for the Parker family!

It’s hard for me to believe that my sweet little girl is already old enough to be going to school. She has been looking forward to it for such a long time. While she’s a totally different personality than Kye, I think she’s going to do amazing in school and will enjoy it so much! Kye’s whole first year at school I remember having one outfit come home with stains but with Britt? I’m busting out that spray and wash every day haha. She comes home with paint or marker on her each day and has her “good day” stamp smeared all over her face too usually. She says her best friends at school are her teachers and her favorite thing is snack and playing outside. I know as the year goes on I will hear more about the songs and games and other fun things she is doing. I am excited to see her grow in her walk with the Lord as she also learns social skills and has a fun time in school!

 My baby girl…so grown

Britt picked out her book bag (ordered online from PBK) and she wanted the blue book bag with a dolphin on it. I bought it way back when they were on sale and she has talked about it SO much since then and has been so excited to take it to school! 

It’s crazy to believe Britt is starting school…but it’s even tougher to believe that Kye is starting KINDERGARTEN!!! We prayed about it and talked a lot about it and decided to keep Kye at the same school this year. It’s a private preschool that includes kindergarten. It’s still a half day program (5 days a week) but they actually cover a full days worth of work and academics into the half day. I LOVE his school and wish they went further than just kindergarten. His class this year only has 10 kids in it and he’s not having to ride a bus or skip his naps. We are able to have our lunch together still each day and he LOVES that he gets to show Britt the ropes at school. I’m so happy in our decision to keep him there and know he will continue to do amazing things this year. He loves learning and has a passion for the Lord that shines so brightly! 

I saw this idea on Pinterest and loved it! I found the Class of 2027 shirt from Cafepress and bought a men’s Large. I debated getting an XL but for the picture purpose it’d look better if when he’s a senior that the shirt is too small than to be too big still, ya know? I plan to take this picture every school year on the first day to see how he grows into the shirt the closer we get to his graduation year! It’ll be here before we know it. Boo πŸ™

 BIG thanks to Rachael for making the signs for me πŸ™‚ 

Mrs. Charlotte is SUCH a great G-Mama! She asked if she could meet us there to see the kids on their first day. So sweet and thoughtful! 

 First outing as a family of FIVE!

It was all very quick. We got there, snapped some pics, and then they were in a RUSH to get to their classes. Kye lead the way and we decided to drop him off first. I thought Britt might have a tough time leaving us (she kept talking about how we were going to stay with her…) and that maybe helping take Kye to his class and see him doing so well with us leaving would help her do better too!

Kye has yet to get embarrassed about anything but I feel like I need to start being more aware of embarrassing him? I didn’t linger long and just snapped this quick pic of him at his desk, only after I saw other mom’s doing it. I gave him a quick kiss and told him I loved him and to have a great first day! He was excited and ready for the school year ahead!

 Britt was ADORABLE with her little book bag and did a good job walking to her class. When we got to the classroom she didn’t say bye or anything and just raced in to play with the toys. But once she saw that we were leaving her lip stuck out and her eyes got big. So we made it MEGA fast and tried to bolt. BUT we had the baby. And, since this is our 4th year at the school, know a lot of people who wanted to look at her. So we were slow in getting away and Britt could still see us in the hallway. She didn’t cry out or call for us. She just stood, frozen. Staring at us looking sad. It was tugging my heart for sure but we left and she did awesome! Her teacher was Kye’s assistant teacher when he was Britt’s age and she has said nothing but wonderful things about Britt. I’m so proud of how well she’s adjusted but also so thankful I still have her at home with me two mornings a week πŸ™‚

 She tossed her book bag on the hook like a pro haha

 It was a successful morning all around! Tess did great on her first outing and just slept happily the whole time πŸ™‚ Before we know it we’ll be walking her in for her first day!

I kept looking at her in the review mirror on the way home and just reflecting on how much has changed since Kye’s first day of school. Now I’m leaving two babies at the school and heading home to take care of a third. My heart is so full and I’m so thankful to get to be their mommy. I’m beyond proud of them all and know this will be an awesome school year for everyone! PS: I didn’t shed any tears this time around πŸ™‚

Growing up my dream was to always be a stay at home mom. I always pictured myself having freshly baked cookies waiting on my kids when they got home from school. Obviously, it’s not something I’ll realistically do every day but for the kids first day I wanted to fulfill my childhood dream πŸ™‚ They were FOR SURE surprised to get home and see cookies waiting for them as an after-lunch treat! 

As an additional special surprise, Mrs. Charlotte gave Kye a very meaningful and special gift. Her dad gave her this coin when she was a child and she has kept it ever since and it’s very special to her. She has passed it down to Kye for him to keep forever πŸ™‚ So, so sweet and thoughtful! 

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