Bachelorette Party

Danielle not only got us all awesome gifts at the bridal luncheon, she also gave each of us a gift card to go get our nails done together! The place we went was SO nice and my pedicure has lasted three weeks and still looks beautiful!!! It was a fun time to just relax together, thanks Danielle for the great present – I love when presents aren’t just gifts but are also opportunities to make memories.

The nail girl told me I was in desperate need of a pedicure

After our nail fun we just hung out at Danielle’s for a couple of hours before heading over to Dana’s house for the lingerie shower/bachelorette party. I LOVED that Danielle decided to have a casual, non-partying, non-drinking, non-stripper bachelorette party. I combined my lingerie shower and bachelorette bash back when I was a bride and I think it was a creative way to make sure everyone had fun even though there wasn’t drinking. First up, we opened presents!

While she got lots of sexy things, all us married women know this is the kinda stuff she’ll really be wearing

There isn’t a picture of what I got her but it was a lacy white number that Zach actually helped me pick out. It was hilarious b/c when Danielle opened it she said “thanks Zach!” Then once all the gifts were opened Dana read of a list of things Danielle will say on her honeymoon night and that was one of them…too funny

I’m so glad someone got her something x-rated! I’s sure Jonathan appreciated it Rachael and Chelsea 😉

Once we finished opening up presents it was time to eat, enjoy cake, then start on the bachelorette fun. Dana was so sweet to host everything for all of us and she and her sweet mom decorated her house SO cute. Everything matched Danielle’s wedding colors and she put so much effort into every detail. I LOVED her entire house and how beautifully all her decor flowed from room to room. Great inspiration for me while we decide how to decorate the new house!

If (please say WHEN) we have a girl someday I’m totally making these for birthday parties

Dana’s mom MADE this cake-isn’t that awesome?

Chelsea busted out some little penis cakes for the occasion. It was too funny as she made multiple colors and included toppings for us to put on them. You can tell I look thrilled.

Another wonderful picture of me-ready to GRUB (and the food was AMAZING)

As the eating slowed down we got ready for the bachelorette party portion of the evening. Danielle used to work with a girl who now owns her own company called Tipsy Canvas. She brought all the supplies over to Dana’s and taught us all how to paint our own picture! Isn’t that a great idea?!? I think it’d be fun for a girls night out or even something neat to do for an older child’s birthday party. I wish we had something like that down here (don’t I wish that about a lot of things?).

Here’s the sample painting we were going to be doing

I’m sure you’ve noticed in the pictures I put up of Kye that I just love concentration faces. I think it’s hilarious to see what faces we all make when we’re really focused. Typically, such faces are pretty comical. When going through the pictures Dana took of the painting party I saw so many great concentration faces! Here’s what some ladies look like when they are hardcore into their paintings…

Rach must not be too focused

I was STRESSING about mine

Beth’s cracks me up

Katie is a pro artist so she was all relaxed but I like that this is a double concentration face pic with Chelsi in there too!

Painting one that will match Macy’s room 😉

I really enjoyed this whole project and Dusti, the instructor/owner, was great at being patient with me and helping me along. Mostly everyone did the zebra print design that she showed us in the example but I really wanted to do something to match our new house and zebra just won’t go. So I attempted stripes! Sure, they aren’t 100% straight but I think it turned out pretty good don’t you?

Finished Products! (I love Laura’s blank initial as she’s hoping to be getting engaged soon, and Kerri’s baseball for her unborn sons room is precious)

After all the painting was done and some of the guests cleared out a few of us lingered awhile to have some girl talk. It was probably my favorite part of the day. Laura, Chelsea, Rachael, Danielle, Dana and myself laughed and laughed while we all got to know each other a little better. Dana’s husband, Ryan, even busted in on us and it didn’t slow us down – poor guy was stuck hearing a lot of things I’m sure he hopes he can forget 🙂 Hopefully we can all get together again soon as it was a BLAST (if you haven’t noticed with this wedding everything was beyond fun)!

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  1. Lisa
    July 31, 2018 / 8:56 am

    The party looks great. Painting is a brilliant idea!

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