Babywise Friendly Blog Network Week Day 1

Today kicks off Babywise Friendly Blog Network week! It’s a chance to highlight each member of our group! Here is the schedule for this week:

  • Friday: Surprise guest blogger

The spotlight today is on Valerie from Chronicles of a Babywise Mom. If you read my blog and have ever contacted me regarding a Babywise question then you have also read her blog 😉 I honestly wouldn’t have EVER been able to implement it all without her blog. Even though we’ve never met, she is “Super Mom” in my eyes! 

This week we are all writing on a similar theme: Keeping Marriage and/or Family at the Center! Valerie’s post says it best when she writes: The baby joins the family. The baby is added. Adding a baby to your family and trying to keep things the same is like saying 2+1=2. That isn’t right! 2+1=3.
Whenever a baby is born it is added to the family and therefore the family changes. I love how simply Valerie puts it into words and her math equation hits the nail on the head. Check out more of her post today on Chronicles of the Babywise Mom! 
Be sure to check out all of the blogs this week! 

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