Baby Pool for Parker Baby #3: “Leo”

I think baby pools are so fun! I really enjoy reading everyone’s predictions and now that we are over the 30 week point with pregnancy I figured now is the time to roll this thing out!!!

ANYONE can enter the baby pool. Family members, friends, strangers, whoever! You don’t have to have a password or join the site or anything! No prizes for the winners this time around…just bragging rights 😉 I will especially be impressed if anyone correctly guesses the name!

I’m going to be posting both a list of baby name hints as well as a post covering the wives tales regarding gender. Maybe it will help you guys in your guesses 🙂

It’s fun to look back at Britt’s baby pool…majority of y’all guesses girl and were right! Can’t wait to see the results this time around!

To enter the baby pool go HERE! Direct site to pool is:  (I’m using a different pool this time than I did last pregnancy b/c I like that this one allows to guess the name!)

Here are some posts to help in your guessing process, I am going to do a post of baby name hints as well as some of my answers for the common wives tales gender predictors so I’ll come back and add links to those here as well once they go up! 

Leo’s First 4D Ultrasound Photos

Leo’s Second 4D Ultrasound Photos
Gender Wives Tales
Baby Name Hints

Kye’s Birth Stats

Britt’s Birth Stats

Happy Guessing!!!

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  1. Katie1315
    May 24, 2014 / 6:29 pm

    Ooh, I love a baby pool! We've done a family one for all my kids and nieces/nephews (8) and I've been wrong on ALL of them. Ha! I'm waiting for the name hints to enter.

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