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Gender Wives Tales: What Will "Leo" Be?

Sunday, May 25, 2014

I LOVE not knowing the sex of our babies prior to birth! It's so neat telling people that we don't know what we are having. Even strangers get excited about it and enjoy giving their predictions based on whatever random wives tale they have heard in the past.

In order to help with the baby pool for Leo, I thought I'd go on a hunt for the gender wives tales and give you guys my answers as well as what the wives tale predicts my answer means for the gender :) We'll see if any of them are actually right!

Craving (something sweet is girl, something salty is boy):  I'm craving salty stuff this time around!
Heartbeat (above 140 is girl, below 140 is boy): For most of this pregnancy the heartbeat has been between 140-150. This past week though both times I got to hear the heartbeat it was only in the 130s.
Daddy's Weight (Daddy's tend to gain is a girl, maintain if a boy): Zach is def maintaining!
Moodiness (moody for a girl, happy for a boy): Um...this is a toss up? I guess I'd consider myself more on the moody end of things...
Skin (soft for girl, dry for boy): Soft!
Headaches (no for girl, yes for boy): I'm not having NEARLY as many headaches as either past pregnancy but do still have them.
Clumsy (no for girl, yes for boy): Yes for sure!
Acne (girls "steal your beauty" so yes if girl, no if boy): Thankfully, no!
Carrying (carrying baby high is girl, low is boy): Low
Belly (looks more like a watermelon then girl, more like a basketball is boy): Watermelon
Gained (gained weight all over is girl, just in tummy is boy): I have for sure gained all over!
Feet Temperature (same as prior to pregnancy it's a girl, colder it's a boy): Mine are the same
Leg Hair (slower or same speed of hair growth on legs is girl, faster is boy): So funny that this is a question because I was JUST thinking the other day how my hair on my legs is growing slower than usual!
Urine (dull in color for girl, bright in color for boy): very bright!
Chinese Gender Predictor (took the test here): Girl
Ring Test (side to side is girl, circle is boy): Circle
Mayan Prediction (if my age of conception and year of conception are both even or odd then girl, if one is odd and one is even then boy): I was 29 when I conceived and it was in the year 2013
Sleep Position (right is girl, left is boy): I prefer left
Baking Soda Test (put a little baking soda in bottom of cup and pee in it...if no fizzle then girl, if fizzles then boy): I didn't notice any fizzle!
Sleepy (tired a lot if girl, less tired if boy): For sure very sleepy
Gums (bleeding for girl, not bleeding for boy): Not bleeding
Insomnia (suffer from insomnia for girl, sleep like a baby for boy): Overall I've slept really well this entire pregnancy so far!
Mommy Gut (often people say that the mother's intuition about the gender is correct): I think it's a boy
Hair (fuller is for girl, thinner for boy): I haven't noticed it be any fuller than normal
Pillow Position (like having pillow low for girl, high for boy): I hug it up high
Boob Size (larger for girl, same or small amount of growth for boy): The ladies have for sure grown!
OJ Craving (yes for girl, no for boy): Most of this pregnancy I did really love OJ, now I don't care for it but I'd say overall yes
Pupil Test (stare in mirror for one minute if pupils stay same it's a girl, larger it's a boy): They got larger
Gender Prediction Test (I took this one): Results said I have a 73% chance of it being a girl

Overall I think the wives tales are saying GIRL this time around, don't you?

However, both of my prior pregnancies the wives tales were WRONG. All signs pointed to "girl" when I had Kye and all signs pointed to "boy" when I had Britt :) Maybe this time they will be right?!?!

You can see the gender prediction guesses I made with my last pregnancy here!

Were any of these wives tales true for you with your babies??? Any others you've heard of that I should try?

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  1. I'm guessing BOY. I'm also guessing his name will be Gonoles Chop Parker. You'll call him Chop.


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