Baby-Free Game Night!

Zach and I used to be able to count our number of friends on one hand (well we used to be able to count them with just a couple fingers actually). It was tough feeling like we didn’t have many friends and we often wondered why people didn’t like us! haha! Now it seems like we have more friends than there is time to hang out with them all. Seriously, almost every night of the week we have plans with someone and we still leave someone out! I really, really feel we’ve been blessed to have so many true friends. We’ve also been blessed with a nice mix of friends. We have lots of friends with kids and lots without!

It’s great having friends that don’t have kids as they are more flexible to hang out whenever we can, they help remind us of our lives pre-baby, and they have very few responsibilities in their lives. Hanging out with friends with babies is also great at they understand when we are late or have other baby-related issues, we have endless amounts of conversation starters since we all love to talk about our kids, and we understand each other’s places in life as we are at similar spots in ours. There are, of course, downsides of both as well as friends without baby’s tend to not be as understanding when we are stuck on a schedule, run late, or can’t hang out as often due to the baby. And friends with babies have well…babies too! So they may have a conflicting schedule, baby issues when we don’t have them, etc, etc. While it’s great having non-baby friends over for game nights and such b/c Kye goes to bed at 7:15 then we can hang out all night if we want, it’s tough for our baby friends to be able to do that same thing. With Robyn and Matt, for example, we enjoy hanging out but if we’re at their house we have to leave to get Kye in bed and if they’re at ours they have to leave to get Lorelai in bed! Either way we end up having a short visit!

LAST Friday night (yes, I’m VERY behind on my blogging…get ready for LOTS of posts this week to catch up!) Matt and Robyn had a sitter for Lorelai so they could come over and play some games! It was pretty exciting! Of course we missed Lorelai as it’s fun to see her interact with Kye but it was nice to spend time baby-free time with Matt and Robyn as well! With our baby-free friends we love to play my family’s favorite game, Tripoly, and so we wanted to introduce Matt and Robyn to it too!

It was a fun night together and was nice not having to rush-rush-rush so they could get LL in bed. I think they had a good time too and maybe sometime we can have Mrs. Charlotte keep Kye for the night so we can hang out at their house longer too! Here are some pictures of the first-time Tripoly game together!

needing the cheat sheet for the poker!

winner, of course

loser! haha

I made peanut butter pie just for Matt 🙂 

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