August 15th

Today is Big Daddy’s 85th Birthday!!! Big Daddy, Jake Parker, is Mr. Rusty’s dad. Making him Zach’s grandfather and Kye and Britt’s great-grandfather. Growing up I never got to meet my Dad’s father or even his step-father as they both passed before I was born. My mom’s dad passed away when I was a freshman in college. I loved Papa but when we all got together he was more reserved and quiet and I had SO many fun cousins to hang out with that I didn’t spend as much quality time with Papa as I wish I would have. So, for me, Big Daddy is also my grandfather.

I adore Big Daddy. It took quite awhile for majority of Zach’s family to warm up to the idea of me…but not Big Daddy. He was an Emily fan from day 1 and for that I will always be grateful to him for that. He is a strong man who has spent his life working hard for his family. He is a man with rough hands and I love that! He knows how to work and he taught his children (and their children) how to work as well. He is a BIG part of the reason that the Parker name is so well respected in this area. Anytime people ask if I’m related to Jake they always say what a stand up guy he is and how much they like him. 

If our lives were a sitcom Big Daddy would be quite the character…with the great one liners. He may not say much but when he does speak he makes sure everyone is listening. Zach gets his love of attention honest 😉 I’m so thankful to have Big Daddy in my life and grateful that Mr Rusty had him for a father as he helped shape Mr Rusty into the amazing man he is who, in return, helped shape Zach into the amazing man he is!!! Like Big Daddy likes to say “when you put a good bull in the pasture…”

I absolutely love that we have a son and that Kye is able to carry on the Parker name to the next generation. I love that he has such Godly men to look up to in his own life and I wanted to capture that in a way we could always cherish. I saw this idea on Pinterest and we worked on it this past week! I took a picture of Kye then got it printed off in an 8×10 size. Then put that in a frame (without the glass in it) and had Zach take a picture holding the picture of Kye. I got that picture printed off (Zach did a lot of running up to Walmart to pick up the pics!) and had Mr Rusty hold it and took his picture. The final piece of the puzzle was Big Daddy! He’s holding a frame with the picture I took of Mr Rusty in it. I am getting three copies of this picture printed out to put in frames for each of these special men in my life! Isn’t it a wonderful gift idea???

I pinned this post on Pinterest…if you’re not yet following me you can check out the board for this blog here!!!

PS: Big Daddy NEVER smiles for pictures…yet somehow I can get him to give a little grin now and then…thankful I captured one this time 😉

Happy Birthday Big Daddy!!!

Sidenote: Zach has informed me that on HIS 85th Birthday he wants to do something huge since it’s his favorite number (it was both his high school and college football number…) so remind me in 57 years to throw Zach a big #85 vintage football themed birthday party with all of his beloved football stuff okay? 😉

While August 15th will always be special as it’s Big Daddy’s birthday…it’s also a day I’ll never forget for another reason. It’s the day Nana left this earth. It’s CRAZY to think that three years have already passed us by without her here. But they have. And I miss her. I know that we ALL are going to die someday and that death is a part of life and, for those who obey God’s will, a beginning of our eternal lives with Him. I know Nana lived a FULL life and a long life. She was blessed in so many ways and I’m so thankful I got to have her on this earth as long as I did! I’m thankful she got to attend my wedding. Thankful she got to meet Kye. Thankful for all our fun times together at Longdoggers or just sitting around her kitchen table talking and talking and talking. I’m thankful for her. For the woman she was and for the many ways in which I take after her. Thankful that I have such peace over her passing because I KNOW she knew how much I loved her and that I know how much she loved me!

I do so wish she could be here to meet Brittlynn. Britt, who shares mine and Nana’s blue eyes, would bring such a smile to Nana’s face. I know she’d be so happy to see me as the mother I am now. Confident in my abilities. I wish she could see me in my element. Although she is gone from here she will always be a part of me and for that I’m grateful!

I love you and miss you Nana!

I hope each of you are having a wonderful August 15th and that you are loving on the special people in your lives!


  1. Stephanie
    August 15, 2012 / 11:59 pm

    The picture of all of the guys is beautiful! I'm sure they will truly cherish that! Also, I'm curious… You've mentioned before that the Parker family took awhile to warm up to you… Planning to post that story??

  2. SandiM
    August 16, 2012 / 1:38 am

    You captured some beautiful photographs! The one of Mr. Rusty with his head tilted one way and the frame tilted the other is fabulous! Good for you for completing a Pinterest idea! Haha 🙂

  3. Chelley
    August 16, 2012 / 1:11 pm

    Love love love that photo! What a legacy (reminds me of my family so much!)

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