I am in no way a photographer. I don’t have that magic gift of creativity. I’m much too calculated for that skill. I do, however, enjoy sticking my kid in a cute outfit and running outside somewhere to spend about 30 min snapping 1,000 pictures then going home and editing them all. Call me crazy but I think it’s fun 🙂

On this particular day Kye didn’t want to participate in the picture taking…all he wanted to do was eat his apple so I rolled with it! It was pretty funny because throughout the whole “shoot” he just kept saying “apple” over and over (I tried to get a video of it here). I had so many favorites that it was hard to choose so enjoy 🙂

He thinks if he doesn’t make eye contact that I can’t see him.

apple kisses

time to run!

love his laugh

“ugh-oh” he dropped the apple

5 second rule 😉



I told him to say “cheese”

“hmmm where to go next?”

another “cheese” face

After I told him to “smile”

I think this is my favorite one

showing off those teeth (and the gap he got from his mama)

blowing some bye-bye kisses for you!

I’m considering for the new house to have a board somewhere and to use it as a picture board and rotate out some of my favorite pictures I take. I am just not into family photos and stuff. Everyone keeps telling me I should get one of those canvas ones done to put above the mantle but to me it seems silly to waste money on stuff like that when we are always changing so I’d want to always be updating the picture to something newer. Plus we aren’t done having kids so it’s not fair to me to have a big picture somewhere with Kye in it ya know? I like the idea of a simple picture board that can always be updated easily as I come across new pictures I want to enjoy! Sure, I’ll frame a couple around the house but probably not many…anyone have any favorites of these for the picture board? 🙂

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