Always Ahead of the Game…

I am a self-proclaimed planner. I always think waaaay in advance and have to have everything planned out and prepared or I freak out! So of course as soon as my 12th week hit (and yes I did wait until then as I was too scared I’d jinx mysef) I started planning for this baby!!!

I’m 13 weeks and 3 days pregnant and I already have the entire nursery planned, furniture picked out and stroller picked out! That may not sound like a lot of stuff but I not only plan, I heavily research everything. Just ask Zach or my mom, I think they each got 10 or so emails with things I found online that I wanted them to look at (and trust me it isn’t over yet!)

Thursday I spent a long time looking at cribs and sent Z and Mom a millllllion choices of ones I liked. I already had one picked out that I liked “best” but I didn’t show any bias and told Zach to look over his e-mails. On Friday I was out of it all day but Zach checked out his email from me and wrote out his favorites and said “but that Ocean one is my real favorite” and lucky for me it was the one I had picked out too!!!

OF COURSE it’s more expensive than I was hoping and OF COURSE it’s not available at places we will probably register like BabysRUs or Target!

But I got on it and found out from a dealer in Melbourne that they are selling so many of the sets that there is a 16 week waiting period! I freaked and told Zach we had to get going on this! This is one of those times that I wish my mom lived here because I found a dealer in Thomasville and Zach, Mrs. Charlotte, and I drove there (about 45 min each way) today to see it in person!

Right when we walked in the store it was the FIRST crib on display! Here it is, shown in “expresso” but we want it in white (“glacier”). We both love it! Not just the look but the quality because a lot of the ones I looked at were made with some cheap wood like partical board and this set is ALL wood!

If you want to see the whole set for yourself here is the website:
The collection is called “Ocean.” One of the main things I like about it more than other converter cribs is that is uses the solid sides as the headboard and footboard instead of the slated wood! Out of all the available pieces we like the crib, 6 drawer dresser, and 4 drawer dresser (in one of the pictures it shows the 4 drawer as a changing table and that’s what I like!).

We wanted to walk around the store while we thought about it and had to wait on the guy in charge so we ended up looking at baby clothes and they had a great sale! Mrs. Charlotte said it’d be “G-Mamma’s Treat” and we could each pick out one outfit we wanted. I picked a girl outfit and Zach a boy. I LOVE my mermaid one, so adorable!

Turns out the guy in charge was soooo nice (and cute for you single ladies, ASHLEY). He said for us to pick out everything we wanted in the store and he’d make us a deal for it all in a package. Zach and I both knew we wanted those three pieces for the room but that we also want a glider. They had a REALLY big comfy one there that is a recliner AND a glider in one so once we don’t have a baby anymore we can always use it somewhere else in the house (I wish I had taken a picture of it!)
So we had him add that to the list as well as the pieces to make the crib into a twin bed someday and this little kidco tent that I want that is uv protected and can be used to take the baby to the pool (a MUST for my child!)
He made us a great deal! And he threw in the tent thing ($70) AND gave us free delivery! How could we say no? We ate at Zaxby’s to give Zach time to make sure and then we went back and did it!!!
It’s hard to believe we already have all the big pieces purchased for our baby’s room!!! We racked up on some Thank You Points with this purchase 🙂

Once we got home we had to play with something b/c we were so excited! So we tested out the tent! And I LOVE this Sleepy Sheep (it plays relaxing tunes for the baby such as the sound of a heartbeat!) that was from there too!

The most fun part was trying to figure out how to make the tent go back in the little pouch, we have a good system down but I have a feeling we’ll forget how after 6 months haha

Such a fun morning and I’m sooo excited for all the furniture to arrive!

I have to give the store a shout-out and recommend that everyone checks it out! They have locations in Thomasville, Panama City, and Dothan Alabama
It’s called Our New Baby this is their website and I’d ask for David!

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  1. Anonymous
    September 8, 2008 / 1:24 am

    I love the furniture! 🙂 Haha you are so funny!! I would say I can’t believe you are so prepared, but I know how you plan 🙂 Oh- and no I am not worried about the doggies… I am not a germaphobe so I don’t really care if they lick/cuddle with the baby… and I take them to my moms every day during work, so they get A LOT of attention. And, if it is to hard, I will leave them over there during the week for a few weeks (But that is last resort- I can’t imagine not having them!)

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