All About Me – Kye Age 6

I’m not one who usually buys school pictures of my kids. I take a ton of pictures and we get a ton of professional photos done so I just don’t see the need. However, this year there were a couple cute ones I couldn’t resist…and ones that Mrs. Charlotte also really wanted to have 🙂 

I know many people who have their kids fill out little “about me” sheets each year on their birthdays. It’s something I NEVER remember to do (I’d also love one filled out yearly for Mother’s and Father’s Day but tend to forget for that too!). Since I dropped the ball on the “all about me” and I dropped the ball on scanning in the school pics from this year…I figured why not combine both in one post? 

Here are Kye’s school pics from fall, spring, and his cap and gown picture along with his answers to an “All About Me” sheet I found on Pinterest! I didn’t give any prompting…I just read the question and wrote down his answers 🙂

All about Kye age 6 Year 2015

1. If you could go anywhere, where would you go?  Disney World
2. Are you going to get married? Yes
3. Who will you marry? Kailyn or Emma
4. How many kids are you going to have? 5
5. What will their names be? Zach, Joy, James, Jessley and Jack
6. Who are your friends? Kailyn, Emma, Colt and Payton
7. What do you like to do together? Play
8. What food do you like best? Ice cream
9. What will your job be when you grow up? Aflac
10. What do they do? Sell insurance
11. What do you like best about school? Snack time and outside time
12. What do you love to do with Mom? Have fun playing with Tess together and running and cuddling
13. What do you love to do with Dad? Play games and play sports and wrestle
14. What do you love to do the most? Go on trips
15. What’s your favorite color? Pink and blue and purple and green
16. What is your favorite book? Lilo and Stitch and Mickey’s Christmas
17. What is your favorite movie? Big Hero 6
18. What do you love the most about yourself? That I like to play

I can’t believe how much he grew this year! He’s truly a BIG KID and I know he’ll do so well in public school this fall. I’m hoping to do this “all about me” thing at least once a year. We’ll see 😉 

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